Eve of NaNoWriMo – And I’ve Got A Problem


I was all in… I swore I’d write a brand new thriller novel in November. At least 50,000 words of it, anyway. An idea I’ve been toying with for months but never had time to write. Something a bit different from what I normally do. 

I even did a rough outline, which for me was writing out a hundred word synopsis of the main story. I did everything but buy special colored pencils to be better prepared. 

And then…

Another contract comes in on the eve of NaNoWriMo. 

I’m not complaining… trust me. I’ve been blessed with the work I get and the money it pays. But it’s a 30,000 word story which will be due in less than 3 weeks, taking up most of my November writing time. 

What’s a boy to do?

Screw it. Of course I accepted the contract (I so love eating and paying bills) and I’m revamping my month to include both projects. I’ll just have to push aside Dying Days 5 (which is about 13k done of the first draft) until December at this point. 

November should be interesting for me. It also might be what I need to get away from Facebook and wasting time and not writing as much as I want. Can I do it? We’ll see…


4 Responses to “Eve of NaNoWriMo – And I’ve Got A Problem”

  1. Good luck with your thriller novel! I’m counting down the hours until NaNoWriMo starts on the East Coast. Yay!


  2. Stop your whining an do everything! Geesh!


  3. You can do it. I have faith.
    I’ve not taken NaNoWriMo seriously but sitting two hours into the month, I think I’m going to challenge myself to do it. Which, like you said, means less time on Facebook. Oh, whatever will I do? <– read that last part with more than just a touch of sarcasm…


  4. Good luck Armand. I tried NaNo last year. I couldn’t really get into it with a full time job and a young child. Very few hours left in the day for writing 50K words in a month. I also recently got rid of Facebook so that’s not a distraction anymore and I definitely get more writing done.


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