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How did you get involved with Imaginarium Convention?
Serendipity. Friends mentioned they were going. I followed the page on Facebook, asked some questions and Stephen Zimmer invited me to take part. It pretty much had to go that way as am of the “I write to avoid real people” ilk. Not to worry, I’ve done a LOT of panels and presentations at conferences, seminars and workshops over the years, so I won’t be huddled under a table, sending my answers out scrawled on paper airplanes.
What’s your latest release and what genre is it?
Put Annie Jones in the search bar of Amazon, most of the stuff that shows up is me. My bestselling self pub/re-issue is The Christmas Sisters for All Seasons series. They list as Christian fiction, as most of my books do, even though they really aren’t religious. They make me wish there was a “Hallmark Movie meets Grit Lit” genre because that’s where I’d put most of my work right now. (The more mainstream books were written under Luanne Jones and the rights have not reverted on those).
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My former agent would take me to task if I did not mention that I’m an awarding winning, internationally bestselling author of some 38 books with 8 publishers and 4 names (some pen names, some variations on my real name). Am now publishing independently from a small part of that backlist along with new material. 

Imaginarium Con 2014

“Imaginarium is an entire convention centered on creative writing taking place September 19-21 in Louisville KY, featuring over 140 panels and workshops organized into 12 categories.  Over 130 professional guests will be featured in the programming, covering all aspects of creative writing in the worlds of books, eBooks, screenplays, comics/graphic novels, and even game design.  All of it is set within a fun, convention atmosphere that includes activities like a Masquerade, gaming room, film festival, and more.  Please visit for further information.”