How did you get involved in the upcoming Imaginarium convention?

I remember someone posting about them looking for panelists on a writers group. I thought “Why not? I have some wisdom that might help SOMEONE…surely. Right?” And seeing as how the event is being held in my home city, it was a zombie-esque no-brainer.


What is your latest release and what genre is it?

My latest release (by the time this posts, I’m guessing), is Cry Zombie Cry. It’s horror and the eighth book in my I Zombie series.


Quick description of it.

With the Guignol Gang fully armed and prepared to defend the castle, Bethany and company are off to see the Wizard of Odd

The long-awaited entry to the I Zombie series has arrived.

And it’s ready to rock.

Bethany Nitshimi is back and ready to crush the Zero Day Collective with a wall of sound. Together with the metal band Unsun, Bethany will have the undead horde banging their heads until brain runs thick in the streets.

If it’s too loud, you’re too old…or dead.


Something unique about it.

This is the first in what I’m calling my “Rock Cycle”. The Polish metal band, Unsun, stars in this novel and served as the inspiration for me continuing that theme into The Last Casket series (starting Kitty in a Casket) and a new series (starring another band that  I will announce very soon).


Links for people to buy it.

The book will be live August 21st. Until then, you can check out the official page for the book on my site (which will have the purchase link once the book is live).



Your promo links.








Your short Bio.

Jack Wallen is a seeker of truth and a writer of words. Although he resides in the unlikely city of Louisville, Kentucky, he likes to think of himself more as an interplanetary soul … or so he tells the reflection in the mirror. Jack is a member, in good standing, with the Horror Writers Association.


“Imaginarium is an entire convention centered on creative writing taking place September 19-21 in Louisville KY, featuring over 140 panels and workshops organized into 12 categories.  Over 130 professional guests will be featured in the programming, covering all aspects of creative writing in the worlds of books, eBooks, screenplays, comics/graphic novels, and even game design.  All of it is set within a fun, convention atmosphere that includes activities like a Masquerade, gaming room, film festival, and more.  Please visit www.entertheimaginarium.com for further information.”