Spotlight On Brent Abell #Imaginarium




How did you get involved in the upcoming Imaginarium convention?

– I began seeing posts from authors who were going to be appearing at Imaginarium and it sounded like a great con to support.  The other factor in wanting to become involved was the location being about an hour and a half from where I live.  Great guests and close?  I’m in.  I also have been looking to branch out and attend more cons as my work starts to get out there in the public more and more.  Throw it all together and I couldn’t resist jumping on-board.


What is your latest release and what genre is it?

– My first story collection, Wicked Tales for Wicked People, has just been released.  It is a collection of dark fiction that collects some of my older and hard to get work with a few new stories to spice things up.


Quick description of it.

– The moon hangs full and bright in the night sky above.  Below, the people scurry in their own worlds ignoring the shadows around them.  Something lurks in those shadows, a wickedness hiding in each person’s heart.  What are their stories?  How deep does the wickedness go in those walking around in the day and the night?  Collected here are 18 wicked tales that examines how wicked people are and how when we are confronting our darkest fears, we can find our greatest hope.

This volume brings Brent Abell’s dark fiction together for the first time in one tome.  What will you find when you look into your heart?  Beware and lock your doors, the wicked ones are coming for you…


Something unique about it.

     – The collection is really a journey into my work.  When I started out, I had no idea what I wanted to do or how I wanted to go about it.  Three years later, the journey I embarked on has been a learning experience and I hope the pieces selected for the book illustrates the growth in the work.


Links for people to buy it.

     – For your Kindle:


     -and in print for those paper lovers out there:


Your promo links.

     – Website:

     – Twitter: @BrentTAbell

     – Facebook:


Your short Bio.

     – Brent Abell resides in Southern Indiana with his wife, sons, and a pug who is worshiped as a minor deity in some religions.  His work has been featured in multiple anthologies and eZines.  His first novella, In Memoriam, was released in 2013 and in 2014 a collection of his short fiction was released.  He is currently working on his next novel, novella, and trying to get through the heap of story ideas floating around on his desk.  If one should ever come across him in the wild; he loves cigars, rum, and beer.


“Imaginarium is an entire convention centered on creative writing taking place September 19-21 in Louisville KY, featuring over 140 panels and workshops organized into 12 categories.  Over 130 professional guests will be featured in the programming, covering all aspects of creative writing in the worlds of books, eBooks, screenplays, comics/graphic novels, and even game design.  All of it is set within a fun, convention atmosphere that includes activities like a Masquerade, gaming room, film festival, and more.  Please visit for further information.”

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    Here is a short piece from Armand Rosamilia’s site about the new book in the ramp up to Imaginarium. It’s always a pleasure to stop in on his site and be sure to check out his stuff also.


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