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Spotlight On:  Joann H. Buchanan

How did you get involved in the upcoming Imaginarium Convention?

I met Stephen Zimmer on FB in a group. I went to his wall because I liked something he said. I saw his banner and loved it so I sent him a friend request. We started chatting about writing and authors we liked when he told me what he did. I had no idea he was in charge of this amazing convention, I just thought he was a cool person and wanted to chat. Then I told him I had never done a convention and he asked me if I would like to give it a shot and here we are. I love that Stephen is a dark fantasy author and it has been a pleasure getting to know him and all the other people that are going to be there.

What is your latest release and what genre is it in.

My latest release is called Shine, it’s a paranormal romance. I’m trying something new, I normally write horror and dark fantasy but this story wouldn’t leave me alone. The idea that we are all special and that true love is real is something I have always believed in. Of course I can’t help but add a fantasy twist to it because I love fantasy.


I have another book that is going to be released in October but I’m bringing early release copies of it. It’s called AFTER DARK, book 3 in The Children of Nox series. It’s the last book in my wolf saga and falls under the dark fantasy thriller genre. There are several plots going on at the same time and now they are about to converge into an epic war for the balance of the world. This has truly been the most amazing journey I have ever been on while writing.


Quick Description of Shine

“Light shines through the darkest cloud.”

Angels are all around us, they get drunk off espresso, wear clothes like normal human beings and yes even have families like the rest of human society.

These were just a few of the things Elizabeth was about to learn.  

Photographer and graphic artist Elizabeth is out in the middle of the country taking pictures of a cloudy sky when she witnesses and angel descend through the rays of light penetrating the clouds in the sky. Shocked, she passes out. Upon awakening, Elizabeth sees Samuel kneeling next to her calling her name with a voice so pure she’s sure it isn’t real. Samuel pops in and out of her life, confusing her as to what’s real and what isn’t. Slowly, Elizabeth gets him to admit he’s an angel and the two of them fall in love, but there’s a price to be paid for falling in love with an angel. Will their love be strong enough to fight against the darkness that surrounds them?

Quick Description of AFTER DARK book 3 of The Children of Nox series.

Never mess with the FATES.

A long time ago, an unnatural event occurred that would change the path of the goddess of night forever…Nox fell in love with a demon named Asmodeus, now known as Ash. That love ended with the death of adopted daughter, Lilli Anna, by Ash’s own hands. And now the Fates have intervened.

Something unique about SHINE

I have taken all the old mythology about angels and tossed them out then started over. The long robes, halos and even wings made of feathers are gone. The angels in my book have wings made of light. Also I tossed out the old idea that angels have no free will of their own and created a list of rules they are supposed to live by. There are a lot of small surprises in it and a few new mythological animals.

Something unique about AFTER DARK

You will never see anything coming in the last book of the series. It has a little bit of everything, love, betrayal, horror, possession and even sacrifice. The Youngling Pack has been ripped apart in The Kiss, and each character had to question themselves about why they are what they are. The spirit warriors are all put through their own tests and must choose to come together. The twists and turns in this novel has taken me on my own emotional roller coaster ride. It’s literally about what would happen if all hope was yanked from the world. How would people behave? What kind of things would they allow themselves to do if they didn’t have any moral code.

Link to buy it

I won’t have the links for Shine for a week and I won’t have the links for After Dark until September.

I will keep everyone posted on those, but if you’re curious about how The Children of Nox began, you can check out I Am Wolf here,

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Author Bio

Joann H. Buchanan is a mother of five children, and has a wonderful husband who supports her passion for the written word. She owns a small audiobook company named Empire voices. Empire Voices creates audiobooks. You can stop off at for more information.

Her upcoming releases include Shine, After Dark book 3 in The Children of Nox series, and Empires Lost book 1 Keleigh.
She is in two anthologies, Horror in Bloom and Hidden in Your World.

For more information about After Dark, or the blog tour for After Dark please visit, To arrange a book signing or interview, contact her representatives at 541-813-1113


“Imaginarium is an entire convention centered on creative writing taking place September 19-21 in Louisville KY, featuring over 140 panels and workshops organized into 12 categories.  Over 130 professional guests will be featured in the programming, covering all aspects of creative writing in the worlds of books, eBooks, screenplays, comics/graphic novels, and even game design.  All of it is set within a fun, convention atmosphere that includes activities like a Masquerade, gaming room, film festival, and more.  Please visit for further information.”