#Retweet this Top Ten: For the love of Twitter

Twitter Knowledge from RCC

C h a z z W r i t e s . c o m

Though often useful, Twitter can be a strange place. For instance, I just discovered I’ve been blocked by a user who retweeted me. That was odd because I’ve never had a nasty exchange with them. What did I do? That bothered me for a few seconds.

No, that’s a lie.

It bothered me for about a minute. I hate a mystery, so I googled the user who blocked me and checked out their website. Into the second minute of cyber stalking I realized I was acting like a guy who should be blocked. I let it go and I’ll never know what terrible thing I did. (Cries into pillow, wipes tears, big breath…)

Besides, I was breaking my prime directive about Twitter. Twitter is for in-between times. It’s not a primary activity. Writing books is what I do. Everything else — bathing, childcare, self-respect — is secondary.

Tweet when you can’t…

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One Response to “#Retweet this Top Ten: For the love of Twitter”

  1. jackwestcoast Says:

    Great post. Twitter to me is like information through a firehose. Mostly it roars by with meaningless symbols. I don’t “get” Twitter, but throw my stuff into the stream just because it’s there.

    *Jack de Golia* *”The Voice of Character!**”*

    *An “Audible Approved Producer”* Las Vegas, Nevada (Pacific Daylight Time, UTC -7) http://www.JackWestCoast.com/ Cell phone: (702) 575-1373 Facebook: http://alturl.com/g4zjn


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