Arm Cast Podcast

Beginning with our third episode, Arm Cast: Dead Sexy Horror Podcast will have an actual sponsor. And one I’m proud to be associated with. I look for this to be a long and positive bonding of our two brands!

Arm Casters (I just made that up)… please welcome Charon Coin Press!

Charon, the mythical ferryman of the river Styx, pay him your coin and he would take you across the river to the underworld. Seems only fitting to name a press that will take readers on journeys through new worlds, horrifying minds, trips through the dark side, after such a creature. Charon Coin Press is a publisher of speculative fiction– a term encompassing a variety of genres from fantasy to horror, science fiction to supernatural stories, superheroes to apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic fiction, even historical fiction. What matters to us is a good story. Our vision became clear, becoming a mission-to…

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