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Eli Constant interviews Armand Rosamilia #dyingdays

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Armand Rosamilia

Author Superhero with Over 120 Releases, Radio DJ Extraordinaire, Good Samaritan (Authors Supporting Our Troops)


Armand celebrates the release of his 4th installment in his Dying Days Series!

dying days 4

Over 120 releases. The latest is Dying Days 4 in the continuing zombie series (Find on Amazon). Praise for DD4: “I got an advanced reading copy of Dying Days 4. Here’s my honest reaction: I read it all in one evening and had a great time! The pace is fast. The characters are fun though the story has some genuinely scary elements. My favorite character isn’t Darlene, though. I loved the villain. Any enemy that’s so difficult to defeat makes for great heroes and challenging plots. The author is really working here to do something more with zombies than you might expect. I love clever zombie stories with depth. This has that, plus jokes. Best of all for me…

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