Arm Cast Podcast: Episode 3 – Karner And McKinney

Arm Cast Podcast: Episode 3 – Karner And McKinney #podcast #horror #interview

Arm Cast Podcast

Coming Friday July 18th to iTunes, Stitcher and my rss feed… 

For the third podcast, I wanted to mix in a non-author. How about a horror filmmaker? I know Dave personally, and we spent a long weekend writing a screenplay for my Keyport Cthulhu novel. Before I untied him I forced him to do my podcast. It was actually the first interview I did for it… 

Dave Karner grew up making Super 8mm films with his friends throughout high school. After a stint in the USMC, Dave wound up at the USC School of Cinema-Televison in Production. After college, Dave worked for various directors in Los Angeles on commercials, informercials and specialty shows. In 2006, he founded and is owner/designer of a web design company. Recently, he began redirecting his efforts to film by volunteering as a camera operator for a local filmmaking club. This led to his first position…

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