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Starting a Series with a Great Hook


Hello, and welcome to the R.J. Sullivan Blog Tour. Thanks to Armand Rosamilia for hosting this entry. I was asked to choose between introducing either the novel or the series. Luckily, I can do both.


Haunting Blue is my latest release from Seventh Star Press. It’s also the first novel I’d ever published and the first book in my loosely connected paranormal thriller trilogy.


When you know that Haunting Blue is a re-release, it’s not that confusing. Haunting Blue originally came out in 2010, my first novel, originally put out by another publisher. Seventh Star then published my second and third books, and then in December 2013, the rights to Haunting Blue reverted back to me.


I love the editions that Seventh Star put out for Haunting Obsession and Virtual Blue, and having SSP reprint the first book gave me several advantages. 1) It created a unified set of covers and interior art by the fabulous Bonnie Wasson. 2) The entire series now has a similar branded look, and 3) It gave me a chance to fix little errors and make some enhancements to the first novel. I added a new poem, and I fixed a timeline problem from the original edition. 4) A better, higher quality e-file (at a better price for the reader) and greater distribution, through outlets not originally available.


Since December and until recently, my novel, Virtual Blue has been available through Seventh Star. Virtual Blue is a direct sequel to Haunting Blue, which meant I was trying to sell the second half of a bigger story without the first half available. As of May, that is no longer the case. Haunting Blue is back, and there’s never been a better time to check out my series.


Though all three books can be read on their own, the series is best enjoyed in this order:


Haunting Blue: is the story of how new student and punk girl Fiona “Blue” Shaefer meets computer nerd “Chip” Farren at the high school of small town Perionne. Blue’s mother moves her from a suburb of Indianapolis to a conservative small town. Whether Blue’s feelings of alienation are real or a self-fulfilling prophecy, the odd couple are drawn together. Her friendship with Chip takes a romantic turn, and he draws her deep into a local mystery. Back in 1990, Gunther Stalt, a psychopath with a hooked hand, pulled off a daring daylight bank robbery and was never captured. Ignoring numerous stories of the “Ghost of Gunther” Blue is determined to help Chip solve the mystery of the robbery, even though it may cost her more than she can possibly imagine.


Haunting Obsession: is another ghost story–this one about Daryl Beasley and his girlfriend Loretta Stevens. Daryl has a fixation on the Hollywood icon and sex symbol Maxine Marie, who died tragically in the early 60’s. Daryl purchases a rare but arguably tasteless souvenir from Maxine’s past, and to his surprise and delight, finds himself “haunted” by the object of his desire. Loretta is not amused, but her warnings fall on deaf ears. Soon, Daryl’s encounters take a turn for the worst, and Loretta seeks help from the mysterious Rebecca Burton, a paranormal investigator and woman of many powers and secrets.


Virtual Blue: picks up two years after Haunting Blue. With their relationship on the rocks due to problems brought on by the events of Haunting Blue, Blue travels to Indiana University over Thanksgiving Weekend to confront Chip and resolve their relationship one way or the other. At the same time, an extremist cult has targeted Chip’s work-in-progress multi-player heroic fantasy video game, and plans to use his technology to teleport a demon into the real world. From ghost hunter to demon slayer (and a healthy dose of techno-thriller), this may be more than Blue and Chip can handle, even together. Fortunately, paranormal investigator Rebecca Burton is already on the case.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this overview of R.J. Sullivan’s “trilogy” as it now stands. An upcoming short story collection will include two additional tales of Rebecca Burton, and a fourth novel is in the works!


About RJ Sullivan:  Haunting Blue is the first book of the adventures of punk girl Fiona “Blue” Shaefer. This is the 2014 revised edition by Seventh Star Press. Seventh Star also released Haunting Obsession, a Rebecca Burton Novella, and Virtual Blue, the second book in Fiona’s tale. R.J.’s short stories have been featured in such acclaimed collections as Dark Faith: Invocations by Apex Books and Vampires Don’t Sparkle. His newest project is the Red Lotus series of science fiction novelettes.

R.J. resides in Heartland Crossing, Indiana. He drinks coffee from a Little Mermaid mug and is man enough to admit it. http://www.rjsullivanfiction.com


Haunting Blue Book Synopsis: Punk, blue-haired “Blue” Shaefer, is at odds with her workaholic single mother. Raised as a city girl in a suburb of Indianapolis, Blue must abandon the life she knows when her unfeeling mother moves them to a dreadful small town. Blue befriends the only student willing to talk to her: computer nerd “Chip” Farren.

Chip knows the connection between the rickety pirate boat ride at the local amusement park and the missing money from an infamous bank heist the townspeople still talk about. When Blue helps him recover the treasure, they awaken a vengeful ghost who’ll stop at nothing–not even murder–to prevent them from exposing the truth behind his evil deeds.

Haunting Blue is Book One of the Adventures of Blue Shaefer


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