Name My Podcast


Within the next few weeks I’ll be embarking on my latest foray… a podcast, which will be about my own writing career as well as bringing in a new co-host each week to talk about anything they want when it comes to their writing, the scene and whatever else we want to talk about. 

But I need a good name for it. This is where you come in. Simply vote on the names on the poll or choose your own suggestion and let me know what you think. The winner will get some snazzy swag from me… and if more than one person voted on the winning answer in the poll I’ll treat a couple/three people to the winning stuff… Voting ends in a couple of weeks, so hurry up and let me know what you’re thinking! 

6 Responses to “Name My Podcast”

  1. This sounds great. I’ll be one to listen for sure.


  2. […] (Here’s a guy who knows how to enjoy the marketing process and make it fun for others. Help Ar… BONUS hint: Many authors complain about marketing. They’d have more fun if they weren’t so whiny about the necessities of business and, instead, look for opportunities to help others and make publicity and marketing into an interactive game with and for readers. But that’s a post for another time. Tonight, we dance. […]


  3. I’m sure you may decide to have more than just authors on. Editors, Proofreaders, readers? Good luck with the venture.


  4. I chose my own selection. We’ll be waiting.


  5. Lots of voting coming in so far! Thank you for caring!



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