PRESS RELEASE: State of Horror Acquired by Charon Coin Press

Charon Coin Press takes over the State of Horror series

Rymfire Books

SoHlogo1small Rymfire Books is pleased to announce the acquisition of the popular State of Horror Anthology series by Charon Coin Press . State of Horror will become the flagship under the banner of publisher Charon Coin Press. The move occurred after the publisher, helmed by current State of Horror editor Jerry Benns, sought to solidify the launch of the new publishing press with an established series. The acquisition by Charon Coin Press , includes the anthology series: “ State of Horror ”, “ Heavy Metal Horror ”, “ Post-Apocalyptic Raid ”, “ I, Executioner ”, “ Revenant 1 & 2 ”, and “ Vermin ”. Charon Coin Press announced each of these anthologies will receive the same re-launch treatment that the State of Horror Anthology is currently undergoing.

When asked about the driving factor for the sale of the anthologies, Armand Rosamilia had this to say, “I didn’t start out…

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2 Responses to “PRESS RELEASE: State of Horror Acquired by Charon Coin Press”

  1. Congratulations!!


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