My Writing Year – Halfway Point


October 1st 2013 was a Tuesday. I know because that was the date I got really serious about keeping track of my daily writing and Special Gal put together a very cool Excel spreadsheet so I could keep track of my daily, weekly, monthly and yearly writing. My goal is 2,000 a day Mon-Fri and the weekends off, if possible. 

If I average 1,429 a day I will hit 10,000 words per week and 520k for the year. Not too shabby, especially when most of the stories I’m writing are going to be printed at some point. At this point in my career about 85% of what I write already has a home, so I’m very thankful for being able to build this to where I am now. 

Am I bragging? You bet your sweet candy ass. 

It has taken me years to get to this point in my career, where the sales of my self-published books, such as the Dying Days series, are paying the bills. My work with AK Waters Productions LLC has me venturing into movie deal territory, and I’m being invited to invite-only books with some impressive names. The goal for the rest of 2014 is to keep building it and maybe find a suitable match for some graphic novels. I’d love to see Dying Days in comic book form…

But all is not well in the Kingdom of Mando…

Remember the 1,429 a day goal I spoke of? I’m falling short. Yes, I write almost every day, but not every day. And not every day do I hit my 2,000 word daily goal. There have been a few weeks lately I’ve fallen quite short, in fact. A few weeks ago I wrote 575 words. In the entire week. Followed by 5 straight weeks well under 10,000 words. 

Why am I telling you this? Because I like to see it down on paper. I like the world to know when I succeed and when I fail, because it puts it out there and helps me to see I’m only human. It lets me know that you know when I’m not doing well, and when I need to step up my game. Several people online call me The Machine because I write and write and write, but sometimes I don’t write as much as I want. 

Last week I did, hitting 12,000+ words, but my average is still well below where it should be…

March 31st marked the 182nd day and halfway point for my first year actually keeping track. 

I should be:

182 days @ 1,429 words = 260,078

Instead, I’m currently:

182 @ 1,369 words = 249, 157

I’m about 11,000 words behind… but now that I have it in black and white (on this nifty blog) I need to re-focus and catch up so I can hit my 520k yearly goal… or write even more and break it. 

The hope is this post will be my reminder about where I’m failing and get me back on track to succeed. 

Now, back to writing about zombies and whatever else I feel like writing about…


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