Spotlight On: EM Kaplan #ASOT2014




How did you get involved in the Authors Supporting Our Troops event?

I saw it reposted on Facebook from another blog. I totally can’t remember which one now. I’m glad I saw it though.


What is your latest release and what genre is it?

The Bride Wore Dead, a Josie Tucker Mystery, which is a tough-girl mystery, although Amazon calls it a “cozy culinary mystery.”


Quick description of it.

THE BRIDE WORE DEAD is about a bride who dies under suspicious circumstances on her honeymoon—supposedly anaphylaxis from a bee sting. Josie Tucker, who was a last-minute, fill-in bridesmaid at the massive Boston Brahmin wedding, goes to Arizona to find out what exactly happened.


Something unique about it.

Josie is a person of many contrasts. She is a loner at heart, but she’s a people-magnet. She’s a food critic who can’t eat. She’s a tiny little thing who gets into physical scrapes. Ethnically, she’s mixed (half Thai), but her family is not, so she is able to cross social and economic boundaries easily.


Links for people to buy it.

(coming in other ebook formats soon)


Your promo links.


Your short Bio.

I’m EM Kaplan, I grew up in Tucson, Arizona where there were no sidewalks but plenty of tumbleweeds. I have been a Girl Scout, a trombonist, a toilet-cleaner, a beginner ninja, and a subversive marketeer. By day, I’m a technical writer for Motorola/Google. This is my first published novel.

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