Spotlight On: Bernard Cenney #ASOT2014

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SPOTLIGHT ON: Bernard Cenney
How did you get involved in the Authors Supporting Our Troops event?
I came across Armand Rosamilia’s link on Facebook and wanted to get involved to support our troops.  I’ve already sent several copies of my books to Afghanistan in the form of gifts to soldiers deployed there.  
What is your latest release and what genre is it?
My latest release is Timeless Terror, which came out in the Fall of 2013.   All my novels are in the fiction-thriller-suspense genre. 
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Quick description of it.
Timeless Terror is the heart-pounding sequel to Close Your Eyes and See, and part three of the Sparrow’s Tears Saga.
The Sparrow’s Tears novels (Sparrow’s TearsClose Your Eyes and SeeTimeless Terror) deal with Special Forces Captain James Ross and his clairvoyant girlfriend Lin Sparrow.  But to many people…..Lin Sparrow is a witch.  
In her dreams, Lin has a seer’s ability to foretell the future from the ashes of the past. Lin does it with her mind….the Nazis did it with a machine. In Timeless Terror….Lin’s prophetic visions bind her once again with Special Forces Captain James Ross. Al-Qaeda terrorist cells have been receiving funding from the mysterious “Professor” who pays them with gold….Nazi gold. Ross has been dispatched to Switzerland to find the source of the blood money, and bring whoever is responsible to justice. In country, Ross teams up with Lin, and forms an unlikely alliance once again with the enigmatic taxicab driver known as Emanuel. Together, they follow a trail of lies, deceit, and murder that rises from the ruins of the Third Reich and reaches to the highest echelons of governmental power. But the Professor is pulling the strings, and nothing is what it seems in this treacherous world of international terrorism and betrayal.
Something unique about it.
I used writing the Sparrow’s Tears Saga as therapy for myself when my son, James, passed away.   The main character of my novels, Special Forces Captain James Ross, is patterned after my son, James Cenney.  Writing became a sort of mental therapy to allow me to honor my son, and to give him a life that was cut short.  
Links for people to buy it.
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Your short Bio.
Bernard Cenney retired from the United States Army as a Lt Colonel after more than twenty-eight years in uniform. He considers it a privilege to have served his country throughout numerous command and staff assignments the world over. He currently lives in Texas with his wife and children.
After the phenomenal success of his second novel, Close Your Eyes and See, Bernard became continually pressed around the globe to answer the critical question: “Whatever happened to James Ross after Manila?” In the sequel,Timeless Terror, that question is answered.
Lt Colonel Cenney’s novels are a passionate tribute to the brave men and women at the tip of America’s fight for freedom in Afghanistan, Iraq, the Philippines, and around the world.

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