Spotlight On: Stephanie Collins #ASOT2014


SPOTLIGHT ON: Stephanie Collins


How did you get involved in the Authors Supporting Our Troops event?

I saw that my friend, Nickie Storey-Bailey, had gotten a t-shirt, so I decided to do the same.  I didn’t even realize at the time I’d have the opportunity to share a few of my books!


What is your latest release and what genre is it?

My book, With Angel’s Wings, is a true medical drama/unconventional love story.


Quick description of it.

25-year-old Laura resides in Littleton, NH with her 3-year-old daughter, Emily. Her husband, Kevin, a marine, has been called out to sea for 6 months. Laura has just given birth to her second daughter, Hannah.

“Uh-oh. We’ve got a problem here. I’m hearing a significant murmur.” Just 13 days after giving birth, Laura’s life was changed forever by those words from the pediatrician.

This is the raw and honest recount of Laura’s unexpected journey into the world of parenting a medically fragile, special needs child. Will her marriage survive? What about her relationship with her older daughter, who presents challenges of her own? Will Laura keep her sanity? What part will Laura’s stepbrother, Daniel, play in the events to unfold? And how does a cow angel fit into this dramatic journey?


Something unique about it.

The title is a direct quote from the book, referring to a stuffed animal.



Links for people to buy it.


Your promo links.


Your short Bio.

My book is my bio (along with the epilogue, found on  Very briefly, though: I’m a loving wife and mother of 4.  For about 10 years I was an RN on the medical unit at Seattle Children’s Hospital, but things got too busy at home for me to continue with my career, so now I’m a full-time mom…and author.

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