Spotlight On: Robert Essig #ASOT2014

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SPOTLIGHT ON: Robert Essig


How did you get involved in the Authors Supporting Our Troops event?

I saw the call on facebook. I know I would be jazzed if I was a troop away from home and someone cared enough to send boxes of books to read on my downtime. From the pictures I’ve seen on the facebook page, there’s going to be quite a variety to choose from.


What is your latest release and what genre is it?

My latest book is called People of the Ethereal Realm. It’s a supernatural horror novel.

  people of the ethereal realm cover

Quick description of it.

People of the Ethereal Realm is the story of two men, Adam and Gerald, who live on opposite sides of the tracks, both struggling with nightly visits from Barbara, a mystical woman who will do anything and kill anyone to get what she wants. Gerald, a blind medium, fears Barbara because she is the only cognizant spirit he’s ever communicated with. After having an affair with Barbara, Adam fears her when he begins to understand her power. Adam and Gerald will have to come together to defeat evil on another plane of existence that has the power to and evil will to negatively affect the whole of humanity.


Something unique about it.

I like to call this an unconventional ghost story, though it is certainly not the first by a long shot. The ghosts break all the “rules” of ghostly activity that are read and seen far too often in film and literature. And really I’m not even sure Barbara and her ilk are, indeed, ghosts. At least not the way I think of ghosts. But that’s what’s so enamoring about speculative fiction. My ghosts are my ghosts.


Links for people to buy it.


Barnes and Noble:


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Your short Bio.

Robert Essig is the author of People of the Ethereal Ream and Through the In Between, Hell Awaits. He has published over forty short stories and two novellas and is currently a member of the Horror Writers Association. Robert lives with his family in Southern California.

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