#ASOT Collection Event Ends And Ends Well!



The Hillsboro NJHS concluded their Postage Drive to support A.S.O.T. book drive. After a two week period of building-wide contests, district events, and a few snow days, the kids were able to collect $283.  


During the drive the kids created displays, and ran the collection.  The kids were particularly proud of the fact that one of their alumni, Cody Sparkman, will be receiving books to distribute.  


As the NJHS kids worked towards their goal they remarked several times that they were also proud of the fact that they are not only supporting our troops, but also promoting reading.  


At the Books Are Fun event at school, NJHS members set up a donation table and pushed the importance of reading as they collected for the Postage Drive.   

Special Thanks to Margie Colton for all of her hard work as well as the students who made this quite a great event!



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