Spotlight On: Christa Jeanne #ASOT2014

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SPOTLIGHT ON: Christa Jeanne


How did you get involved in the Authors Supporting Our Troops event? 

I heard about it from another favorite author of mine, Kristan Higgins.


What is your latest release and what genre is it? 

My latest release is my romantic comedy White Girl in La Casa.

 Low Res White Girl Cover

Quick description of it. 

White Girl in La Casa stars Calliope who is your average white girl and, after some precarious circumstances, is forced to stay with her friend Peter’s mother for a couple weeks.  Peter, in order to help his ailing mother’s heart, asks Calliope to pretend they are a couple in love.  Only problem is, she is in love with him, but he’s always put them in the ‘just amigos’ category.  Peter’s old school Mexican mama doesn’t like the new white girl who doesn’t know the language, doesn’t understand the culture, and doesn’t eat meat!  Then there’s Peter’s brother, Eddie, who knows their pretend relationship is bogus.  One white girl, one fake boyfriend who should be The One, one ice cold Margarita who’s determined to drive her out and the other guy who knows it’s all a sham.  It will be a wonder if this white girl can survive in la casa.


Something unique about it. 

This comedy delves into, not only meeting a potential in-law, but also the hilarious situations that can happen when faced with culture shock and dating.  And when you get an old school Mexican mama has to get along with a vegan white girl, worlds kind of…collide…in the funniest of ways.


Links for people to buy it.  

White Girl in La Casa is available on Amazon in paperback or Kindle edition:


Your promo links. 

You can visit me at


Your short Bio.

Christa Jeanne lives in Southern California, which means at any given moment, she is likely sitting in traffic somewhere. When she isn’t writing her latest romantic comedy and making herself laugh by throwing her characters in silly situations and hoping they end up falling in love, she’s running her three ring circus at home with her two kids and her adorable husband (who totally fed her this line). She loves writing about the funnier side of love and would love to hear from you! Visit her at

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