Spotlight On: Suzi M #ASOT2014




How did you get involved in the Authors Supporting Our Troops event?

You posted info on how to send our books in, and I went for it. I’ve been a participant in other books for the troops drives as well. Having family members who were military, it was an easy decision.


What is your latest release and what genre is it?

My most recent release (written under the name James Glass) is book two of the Metatron Mysteries, titled The Dispossessed.


Quick description of it.

It’s a paranormal mystery with some very dark comedy and horror undertones.


Something unique about it.

Each book in the series is a novella, so just under 100 pages, and deals with a different aspect of paranormal and occult, with religious elements thrown, but from a much different perspective.


Links for people to buy it.

Putting in the link to the author page so folks can get The Murdered Metatron as well if so inclined.


Your promo links.

Suzi M Amazon author page:

James Glass Amazon Author page:

Xircon Amazon Author page:


Your short Bio.

Suzi M lives in the middle of nowhere, just left of somewhere. She writes under several pseudonyms, usually in the horror vein, though more recently she has been stretching her literary legs into paranormal and mystery. When not writing she can be found chasing down the HypnoSpawn and Mr. Pants the House Panther.

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