Spotlight On: Ian Bush #ASOT2014




How did you get involved in the Authors Supporting Our Troops event?

I got involved in the Authors Supporting Our Troops event from hearing about it in an author group I am involved with called the Phoenix Writers


What is your latest release and what genre is it?

My latest release is featured in Shadows and Light Anthology, and the second issue that I will be contributing to will be released April 1st, 2014. The story that is featured in the latest issue is in the genre of Thrillers and Horror.


Quick description of it.

A writer couple is invited to an unmapped town in Michigan, the town being marketed as a luxurious gated community. The writer couple quickly finds out that everything isn’t as pleasant and luxurious as it seems in this town.


Something unique about it.

The unique quality about this story is how the idea came to light. I wrote this story when I was about fifteen. At the time, I was having terrible writer’s block. My Father took me on a surprise adventure to South Haven, Michigan. He told me to run wild, allowing me to gather the resources and inspiration I needed to write this story. This story remained in “The Archives,” the name I give to the pile of stories I have saved throughout the years. This story was waiting for a good time to be published. Now, almost six years and many revisions later, the story will see the light of day. This story is one of the few that has come back from my childhood, demanding that it will be published. I am really excited to see the story released in April.


Links for people to buy it.

You can find the latest Shadows and Light Anthology on and


Your promo links.

You can always email me personally at You can also get in contact with me and find my stories on Facebook as Author Ian Bush, or on Amazon at


Your short Bio.

Ian Bush is a Michigan native and has been writing stories for twelve years. His first self-published novella “This Story Has Soul” was released in 2010. His novella “Wishes For The World Around You” was published from a 2012 writing contest ran by 2 Moon Press of Marshall, Michigan. In October of 2013, his short story “The Devil Is In The Details” was published in the anthology Satan’s Holiday. In 2014, you can see Ian published in the first and second issue of Shadows and Light Anthology. He was also a contributor in Blessings From The Darkness, an anthology published by Black Bed Sheet Books to help support best-selling author Yvonne Mason to fund for her son’s undiagnosed illness. Ian Bush is currently spending his days writing and enjoying his time with his wife, Samantha.

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