Spotlight On: G Elmer Munson #ASOT2014

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SPOTLIGHT ON: g. Elmer Munson


How did you get involved in the Authors Supporting Our Troops event?

When I saw Armand’s announcement, it took all of half a second for me to think “I’m in” and grab whatever I had available to send. As a submarine Navy veteran, I know how bad deployments can suck…especially in combat zones. Anyone who’s seen a submarine rack knows there’s precious little room for storage, so even though I always brought about half my space worth of books, I had read them all, a couple of them twice. The next time we pulled into Bahrain, there was a huge box of paperbacks waiting for us on the pier. I’ll never forget how happy I was to get some new reading material that wasn’t a tech manual. It was very much appreciated by the whole crew.

What is your latest release and what genre is it?

My most recent release is the short horror collection Tales From The Underground.

 TFTU print version

Quick description of it.

The book has fifteen tales of both supernatural and real world horror. About half of the stories had been previously published in various anthologies and e-zines and the other half is new. I edited/re-wrote the older stories and then everything was “for real” edited by the exceptional Patrick Scalisi. I like to think there’s something for everyone in the book.


Something unique about it.

The electronic version of the book is split up into three volumes (1, 2, and 3-Z). I figure that will allow folks to give one a try and see if they want to pick up the rest. Volumes 1 and 2 are assorted stories, and Volume 1 also includes the first chapter of my novel Stripped. Volume 3-Z is just for zombie tales. With as popular as the little dead guys are, I thought I’d devote a whole volume to them. Of course, the full collection is also available in paperback.


Links for people to buy it.

Volume 1:

Volume 2:

Volume 3-Z:

Full Paperback:


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Your short Bio.

g. Elmer Munson is a New England writer of all things strange and unusual as well as the horrors of everyday life. His first novel ‘Stripped’ is available from Post Mortem Press. His short work can be found in various print anthologies and ezines, as well as the collection “Tales From The Underground”. He has more works in progress than can be counted, so follow his adventures at

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