Spotlight On: Chris Philbrook #ASOT2014


SPOTLIGHT ON: Chris Philbrook

How did you get involved in the Authors Supporting Our Troops event? 

I’m a friend on Facebook with Armand, and as an author, I’m an everyday supporter of active duty and reserve military folks.  I have a standing offer on my author website to mail out a free book to military units that ask for one.

What is your latest release and what genre is it? 

Next release is book five in my Adrian’s Undead Diary series: Wrath.  It’s slated for a street date of about March 17th.  My most recent release was book four of AUD: The Failed Coward.  The AUD books are post apocalyptic horror, with a heavy undead theme.


Quick description of it. 

The Failed Coward is a huge novel in the eight book AUD series.  Adrian’s survival amidst the destruction of the world has been difficult since the start, but with the revelations in book three, Midnight, his success takes on an entirely different meaning.  In The Failed Coward Adrian turns his focus ever further out from ensuring his own success so he can help others, despite the dangers the undead present, and the dangers the living present.


Something unique about it.   

The Failed Coward and AUD in general is a mammoth post apocalyptic story.  When it was posted online as a serial it garnered rave reviews, and had tens of thousands of visitors every day.  Now that it is in book form, the reviews keep coming in, and they’re still overwhelmingly positive.  Multiple of the AUD novels are in Amazon’ top twenty by rating in Horror and Post Apocalyptic, and that’s amazing.


Links for people to buy it.


Your promo links. 

Starting on February 27th, book two in the series (Alone No More) goes on sale for the Kindle for just 99 cents.  Here’s a link to that:


Your short Bio. 

  I am the creator and author of A Dragon Among Usas well as Elmoryn and Adrian’s Undead Diary.  Elmoryn is a decade old game setting and system I developed for commercial sale and development that I am now sharing on the internet, and through the publication of The Kinless Trilogy.  As the books set in the Elmoryn universe are released, hopefully interest in the game will grow as well, and that side of Elmoryn will come to light. 

A Dragon Among Us was inspired by decade old Role Playing sessions with my friend Alan MacRaffen, and has been percolating ever since.  It’s currently online, and once completed will be farmed into publishing.  Not sure if I’ll submit it to a big house, or keep it my own.  Time will tell.

Adrian’s Undead Diary is my mammoth zombie epic that more than likely brought you here.  Originally published online AUD grew to almost 10,000 active registered users before I decided to publish it.  Adrian Ring’s story of survival and humanity in a world gone mad has been critically acclaimed and been an unbelievable success online, so seeing what it’ll do in print is exciting for me.

I’m also the owner of Tier One Games LLC, my old game development company. If you buy something from AUD, Elmoryn, or A Dragon Among Us, you’ll likely see the sale credited to Tier One Games.  Don’t worry, it’s legit.

I’ve gone to a LOT of college.  I’ve got a Business degree as well as a Psychology degree, and I’ve done the full program at the school of hard knocks.  I’ve been a printing press operator, bouncer, purchasing agent, bodyguard, customer service representative, mental health counselor, and more.  I can write about weird shit because I’ve done weird shit.  Trust me.

I call the wonderful state of New Hampshire my home, but I love to travel. I love to read, write, play role playing games, miniatures games, video games, and Magic: The Gathering.  When I find the time to be active, I like to hike, play basketball, and play football.  I’ve got a lovely girlfriend right now, and two Devon Rex cats, Gilbert and Marvin.


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