Spotlight On: Annette Langer #ASOT2014

LANGER Head Shot for books

SPOTLIGHT ON: Annette Langer
A fellow writer from the California Writers Club, Tri-Valley Branch, sent out a blast email to members alerting them to this wonderful project. I was so moved by it and just had to participate.
Healing through Humor: Change Your Focus, Change Your Life!  and A Funny Thing Happened on My Way to the World: Diary of a Fearless Travel Agent – both books are Memoir
HEALING THROUGH HUMOR Book Front Cover - .jpeg 
Healing through Humor: Change Your Focus, Change Your Life! offers coping techniques to help overcome the effects of practically any medical mishap or malady by finding the funny side to some not-so-funny challenges. Langer accomplishes this using humor to illustrate examples from her own health history (including a brain injury suffered in a head-on auto accident and breast cancer). You’ll find such chapters as “My First Cruise…My First Gallbladder Attack” and “How to Bathe While Bandaged or in a Plaster Cast” to tickle your funny bone. You’ll also find tips on how to amuse yourself (and others) while recovering from illness or injury. The book is balanced, as well, by offering more serious coping advice on how to move forward.
A Funny Thing Happened on My Way to the World: Diary of a Fearless Travel Agent proves that life can go on after medical challenges. The book follows Langer’s lifetime of world travel and the many hilarious and sobering situations in which she’s found herself. You’ll shake your head in disbelief over such experiences as being held hostage in a workers’ strike in Tahiti or managing to sleep through an earthquake in Peru! She rounds out the collection with a multitude of funny stories, as well, from her travel to all seven continents. A section of favorite photos taken around the world is included also.
They’re both written from first-person true experiences. Although some of the subject matter may be serious in nature, she finds a way to “soften” the harshness of a topic by employing humor and self-deprecation to make her points. Being able to travel the world despite the many physical obstacles she’s overcome proves even further that “life goes on” after a medical challenge.


                                                                                                 Short Bio 

Annette Langer enjoyed a successful career with the Federal Government before taking an early retirement. She trained then for a new calling, this time as a travel agent. It was a great fit as it complemented her own love of travel. Now retired from planning other people’s trips, she has focused on her writing and shares a wide spectrum of topics based on her own life experiences.Langer has contributed to several anthologies, including the Livermore Wine Country Literary HarvestO’Brien’s Literary Speculator Bright BeginningsVoices of the Valley, First PressVoices of the Valley—Encore!; and Chicken Soup for the Soul: Inspiration for the Young at Heart as well as Chicken Soup for the Soul: Say Goodbye to Back Pain.She is an active charter member of the 100-year-old California Writers Club, and when not pursuing her writing and speaking events, she keeps busy as a police volunteer with her police department and also volunteers at the local senior center where her books are sold.

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