Spotlight On: Maria Kuroshchepova #ASOT2014

2013 03 27 - Maria - 01

SPOTLIGHT ON: Maria Kuroshchepova, pen-name Maria K.


How did you get involved in the Authors Supporting Our Troops event?

A Facebook friend, who is also a writer sent me an invite. It was for an excellent cause, non-political, non-religious – what’s not to love? I accepted the invite without hesitation.

 Elemental Tales and other unusual adventures - cover - eBook - 01

What is your latest release and what genre is it?

I publish two types of books. One group is my own original works. The other group is less-known works of Russian, Ukrainian, and Soviet literature. In the former category my latest release is a collection of science fiction stories Elemental Tales and Other Unusual Adventures. In the latter – a science fiction novel The Amphibian Man by Alexander Belyaev.

 The Amphibian Man - cover - eBook

Quick description of it.

Elemental Tales and Other Unusual Adventures is a mishmash of science fiction, fantasy, a little bit of horror, a little bit of satire, and whatever else I thought up. It includes my Elemental Tales series plus all my other short stories and novellas. The Amphibian Man is something straight from my sci fi-crazed childhood and teenage years. It is a story of a scientist who dreams of better use of ocean’s resources by making people capable of living underwater. He begins by adopting a boy and transplanting lungs of a young shark to work in tandem with his own lungs.


Something unique about it.

My own sci fi is what I call heroic nerd fiction. My characters are not always beautiful or even cute in a traditional sense, but they are invariably smart. I am a huge fan of Asimov, Clark, and Heinlein as well as the show The Big Bang Theory, and I think we need more interesting nerds in literature and in popular culture in general.

Alexander Belyaev’s work had always attracted me by its combination of gritty reality with undying optimism and faith that human race would eventually grow up enough to earn a truly fantastic future.


Links for people to buy it.


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Your short Bio.

I am a first-generation Russian-Ukrainian immigrant Maria K. (Maria Igorevna Kuroshchepova). I am an engineer by education, an analyst by trade, as well as a writer, photographer, artist and amateur model. In addition to writing and translation, I use my blog space for stories of life, fashion and style advice, book and movie reviews, and common-sense and to-the-point essays on politics and economy.


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