March is Spotlight On month again – for #ASOT2014


Beginning March 1st 2014 and running until I spotlight every author possible who has helped out with the Authors Supporting Our Troops 2014 event, I’ll be running short interviews each day… and some days it might be 3-5 of them if I get enough participation. 

I’ve run these Spotlight On interviews in month’s past, but for March I wanted to do something special…

So my goal is to get every author who has donated a book or books to the Authors Supporting Our Troops event and give them a showcase to push their latest release, give them props and get them sales!

I’m looking forward to March!


11 Responses to “March is Spotlight On month again – for #ASOT2014”

  1. Great idea. Waiting to get the last of books in to send to you. I’m in!


  2. Love the idea, Armand. If I’m part of the list, hold off on me because I have to change my plans for my party. Company policy says no raffle.

    But, if you plan on doing this next year, I have some ideas which might interest you.


  3. Paranormal Romance Author Ladydarksky Says:

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    Authors attending and giving

    Vincent Zandri
    K Williams
    Tony Baker


  4. […] contributing to our troops in Kuwait and Afghanistan. For more information about this event go to: In our part of the world, Annette has been promoting her travel books at the Pleasanton VIP Club […]


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