As we near 1,000 books collected and at least 6 more weeks to get books in, I’ve come across a slight problem… and one I wasn’t expecting, but I’m quite happy for it: with so many books coming in each day, I might need a couple more contacts to send books to.

Now, upfront a few things you need to know:

1. I am not interested in just sending books overseas to a USO or to a random unit or person. My goal is to get in touch with an actual soldier OVERSEAS in Kuwait, Afghanistan, or somewhere else where they don’t have immediate access to things we take for granted like laptops, cell phones, electricity, etc. These books will go to the troops who could really use a good book to pass the time and are unable to get one easily. 

2. I will not be shipping books to anyone currently in the United States or a European base where they have easy access to books, laptops, XBox, etc. This is not what the event is for. 

3. I will not be giving out the contact info for the troops I am dealing with. This event is only for author-signed books, not used copies, toothbrushes, etc. Many other people and businesses do all this. I am not. I won’t be sharing my contacts, so don’t ask. If you want to send other things to troops feel free. I’m unfortunately busy doing this one event to get involved in others right now. 

OK, now for the good part:

Do you know a soldier personally (family member, good friend, etc.) who is currently in a hostile area and will be there between, say, March 1st and June or July? Would they be interested in getting a box (or three) of selected books to share with their fellow soldiers? 

Please get in touch with me privately so we can work out the connection. With so many books coming in we’ll begin boxing some of them up in the next few weeks and sending them out so we can space the packages. I’d love for there to be quite a few soldiers overseas getting packages! e-mail me at  armandrosamilia for more information and to give me your information and the soldier’s information as well. Now I’ll stop saying information. 

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