Guest Post: James Glass


James Glass

on Music as Muse, Horrifying Women, and Channeling the Voice of God


First and foremost I would like to take a moment to thank Armand Rosamilia for a lovely and lively night in The Castle (of Tampa/Ybor City nightclub fame). After we got released from jail as a result of public nudity and acts of a lewd nature, I expected he would never call me again, but here I am on his blog. Huzzah! But I digress….

It was during a bout with cold medicine that I discovered the thrills of writing to music. Specifically to NyQuil and Skinny Puppy. To this day the combination holds a special – albeit horrifying – place in my heart. Fast forward to adulthood and I discovered I had transitioned in a Pavlovian way to write when I heard music with no more need for cold medicine. How fortuitous, I thought. It was around this same time I created The Playlist. When I listen to that playlist now, I shrug and move on. Tastes change, people change, and my writing had grown up from shock factor sex and violence the likes of which have rarely seen daylight into a nuanced combination of words that coil around the mind and squeeze. Subtle as poetry on a dark and bitter night, it was, and I loved what I had become. My playlists vary now, setting the themes from ‘dark and stormy night’ to ‘idiot detective plodding along trying to get a clue while the denizens of heaven and hell sit back and laugh’. Sometimes the story is already there, waiting in the wings and I play a song for it to dance and sing along with, and sometimes the music inspires the scene. She is a fickle muse, music, and she must be seduced and romanced.

When writing much of The Murdered Metatron and The Dispossessed, I incorporated a playlist that ran the gamut from Bing Crosby and Duke Ellington to Combichrist and My Jerusalem. I make no apologies for lumping those musicians together on the same list because it was the discord shifts from one genre to the next that allowed the quirky combination of occult, mystery, thriller, and suspense to evolve upon the page. It allowed me to ‘channel’ the voices of the characters and to give Metatron and the other angels and demons a sense of humor, to ground them in a more solid reality.

In all of this process, the music playlist also allowed me to do one very (and perhaps most) important thing: it allowed me to be James Glass. You see, I am merely a figment of an imagination containing several compartments of which I happen to fall into ‘Noir mystery and occult’. For now I will sit comfortably in my box, but I am hoping to stretch my legs back into horror once more. Soon.

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