STILL DYING 2: Zombie Anthology

“Still Dying 2” #zombie #anthology with some killer authors in it!

Patrick C. Greene

Are you looking for the latest from Patrick C Greene?

Here it is! Read an excerpt below…



Zombie Anthology 

Nine authors… Ten stories… nothing but zombie horror!

Still Dying 2

An excerpt from



By Patrick C Greene

They just popped up one day, the creeps, when we was out doing some community service, clearing the highway.

Some guy was stumbling around off down the interstate a good piece, and I said “Someday, that’s prolly gonna be me.”

“Stop jabbering to yo’ sef,” Bozy muttered, “They gonna send you off somewheres.”

“I don’t know man,” I answered, “This is prolly the end of the line for me.”

“Don’t be all down. Be glad you’re outside today.”

Funny. Bozy had sort of turned into my bodyguard and big brother since I got transferred to medium security back in February. What was funny…

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4 Responses to “STILL DYING 2: Zombie Anthology”

  1. Reblogged this on blindoggbooks and commented:
    Get a sneak peak at this awesome zombie anthology…


  2. I first read Dying Days as a part of a bundle released. I have read through Dying Days 3, and now I am keen for the next books. Is there a ‘re look ease schedule planned? Thanks, Autumn


    • Sorry, incomplete… Is there a release date scheduled*


      • I am currently writing “Dying Days 4″… but there are other “Dying Days” releases currently out that fill in some points, notably “Highway To Hell” (the very first story that became the series but didn’t need to be read first) as well as the two “Still Dying” story collections. Also, “Dying Days: Origins” starring Tosha Shorb from “Dying Days 2” just came out recently. And thank you for reading my series!



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