2013 Was A Damn Fine Year For Me

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I see many people crying about how they got shafted in 2013 and are hoping 2014 treats them better… well, I also hope 2014 treats me better but only because I’m selfish…

I had an amazing 2013, easily my best year yet in my personal life and in my writing career. 

First, my personal life… 

Obviously it begins with dating Special Gal (Shelly), who backed me up completely all year, made sure the writing was my focus and let me be when I got cranky and had deadlines to finish. She was nothing but supportive and I will always love her for it. I’m looking forward to spending another year or fifty with her coming up. 

I also got my finances in order and was able to live comfortably without having to live paycheck to paycheck (or contract to contract), and it freed up some of the mental baggage. I got the chance to live another dream of mine and be on the radio thanks to Vern Shank and Surf 17 radio (www.flaglerbeachradio.com). Look for me on FM in 2014, too! I reevaluated a friendship and decided to cut some people loose that were nothing but negative and unloyal and got inside my head. No more of that shit. I have a great group of loyal and great friends I’m surrounded with. I hope to make a few more in 2014 but the ones I have are awesome. 

OK, there is one bad thing… I need to lose some weight before I can’t fit in the tiny radio station… 


Now, my writing career…

I had 45 releases and sold more books in 2013 than I have in all the previous years combined, and 2012 wasn’t a bad year for sales. I’ve been blessed with a great fan base of readers, especially in my Dying Days and Flagler Beach Fiction Series releases. You can expect quite a few more in both of these in 2014 as well as a few more things… my goal in 2014 is to write and release longer pieces like more novels and novellas, and there will be quite a few sequels in the works as well… more info will follow as we get deeper into 2014…

I want to also thank each and every one of you who takes your precious time each day or each week and reads my posts and thoughts, and I hope you keep sticking with me for a long time to come… I’m really looking forward to an even better 2014…



15 Responses to “2013 Was A Damn Fine Year For Me”

  1. Happy New Year big man! All the best for 2014. If I can emulate your success just a little, then this year will be a great one for me.


  2. Congratulations on a great year, Armand! Here’s hoping that 2014 is even better than you can imagine!


  3. Happy New Year, Armand! I don’t always comment, but I always lurk. 🙂

    I’m glad you had great 2013, and I hope 2014 is even better!


  4. themistyneighborhood Says:

    Consider me one of your many cheerleaders, Armand. You’re an inspiration to all of us writers/authors, and to anyone who has the imagination to dream bigger than the rest. You help us to believe that we can climb that mountain if we put in the time and effort.

    Rebecca Heishman, Author of The Misadventures of Millie Series.

    (Shameless plug, but what the hell?)

    May 2014 be even bigger for you.


  5. Congratulations on a great 2013, Armand. Much continued success to you in the coming year!


  6. Todd Brown Says:

    I am feeling you on the “Why is everybody crying about 2013” thing…also a great year for me. Good to see you are on a good path. You absolutely deserve it. I wish you even better things in the year to come. As for the weight thing…you can always join me in doing the Spartan Workout in preparation for the Spartan Run! I started yesterday and if you follow them on Google Plus, you can get a workout of the day…fun stuff.


  7. way to go on praising 2013…. cant wait for all the new releases! and think doing the Spartan Workout would be fantastic!! ra ra ra I already have my pompoms out! (but in a subtle British way you understand)


  8. Happy New Year! May you have a great 2014!


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