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Proving Dead Moms Wrong: Writing a book is among the least cynical things you can do.


Robert, stop writing so many damn good posts!

C h a z z W r i t e s . c o m

The term “hack”, as discussed in this space recently, usually refers to someone, typically writing to tight deadlines, who is churning out words with no love for his or her work. I don’t think that applies any writer I’ve ever met, no matter the project. Every writer is optimistic as they begin a new book. We tell our spouses and girlfriends and boyfriends and basset hounds, “This will be the one that will really wow ’em. If you leave me now, you’ll miss out on all the glory, my accolades and a mention on the Acknowledgments page, so you better stick around.”

Here’s why “hack” is a poor term:

In This Plague of Days, I write about a zombie apocalypse. Maybe that sounds silly to you, but I fell in love with the characters and there are genuine emotional, serious and thoughtful moments. It’s complex and it’s not what…

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“Football Espionage” – Second Release This Week



Football Espionage

A rogue Russian espionage team has figured out a way to infiltrate the Big Show, America’s premier football championship event. Can these SVR operatives get away with it, or will the FBI agents figure out a way to stop them before the two minute warning ends? 

Only available on Amazon Kindle from AK Waters Productions LLC

ALSO Available this week:


Zombie Football

The Big Show is the premier football event of the year, and one the Russians feel would be the perfect place to begin their attacks. 

Two former friends, now rivals, pitted against one another on the playing field, are forced to fight the madness when the SVR’s plans are unleashed… and a zombie horde takes over the stadium!

Only available on Amazon Kindle from AK Waters Productions LLC

To learn more about my latest contract with AK Waters Productions LLC and the Militainment, zombie and thriller releases, see my Previous Post

Authors Supporting Our Troops #ASOT2014


Thanks for the support! #ASOT2014

World Weaver Press

Armand Rosamilia, author of the Dying Days series, has launched the Authors Supporting Our Troops (A.S.O.T) book drive. Rosamilia is reaching out to fellow authors and publishers to seek donations of the authors’ books, signed, for distribution to United State Armed Forces stationed in Kuwait and Afghanistan.  The author book drive for troops is currently underway and runs through April 1st, 2014, but may be extended due to overwhelming response.

Message from Armand Rosamilia on Authors Supporting Our Troops Facebook page:

“I’ll be collecting fellow authors’ books to send to our troops stationed in Kuwait and Afghanistan in April. Interested in donating some of your books? The men and women of the Armed Forces love receiving signed books from authors to read and pass around while they’re over there! If you’re an author and want to help, join this page and then get in touch with 

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PRESS RELEASE: Armand Rosamilia’s Dying Days 4 Cover Revealed


I had to reblog… Jerry Benns wrote it about me! #dyingdays

Rymfire Books

Rymfire Books has a sneak peek this week at the new cover of the eagerly anticipated upcoming release of Armand Rosamilia’s new Dying Days book. Fans may recognize the style of Ash Arceneaux from previous releases. Arceneaux returns as designer of the cover art, capturing Rosamilia’s vision in the Dying Days series.

Dying Days 4 finds the survivors continuing the struggle for humanity after zombies have taken over the world. Survivors struggle against their enemies, alive and dead, in the last remaining stronghold. While Rosamilia is hard at work on the next Dying Days installment, he has hinted about what readers can expect as he brings back favorite characters from the series and some new faces.  

Rosamilia posted a teaser this week on his site about the characters for the upcoming book,

I’ll also be bringing in a few characters you might have forgotten about along the way, too… and…

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Thirteen Book Deal! #zombie #thriller #militainment



Thirteen Book Deal!

I’m proud to announce I’ve signed a book deal with AK Waters Productions for 2014, and it is an impressive one. Not only will I be writing novellas in the zombie, thriller, military and horror genres, but combining two or more genres with each subsequent release.


AK Waters was part of the team that first brought you Miami Spy Games, which I wrote, and was released in December 2012. Combining AK’s extensive military knowledge (much of it first-hand) as well as his movie and television connections with my writing skills, the new venture will blossom into a long and prosperous union as I work for them.

The vision of this new company is to create fiction ready to be pitched to major motion picture companies as well as television studios, and seamlessly move from the print page to the big screen. I am quite proud to have signed this contract and working closely with Mr. Waters to ensure each release is well-written and fun. This is what AK Waters Productions has termed ‘militainment’.


The first release for this new company is Zombie Football by Armand Rosamilia and AK Waters…

The Big Show is the premier football event of the year, and one the Russians feel would be the perfect place to begin their attacks.

Two former friends, now rivals, pitted against one another on the playing field, are forced to fight the madness when the SVR’s plans are unleashed… and a zombie horde takes over the stadium!

Get your eBook copy for only $2.99! Zombie Football

Another First Draft Finished…but it’s not The End


Tim Baker’s done with a new book?… um, not quite…


Yesterday, for the seventh time in five years, I typed an authors favorite two words…

the end

I’m speaking symbolically of course…I’ve never actually typed those words at the end of a novel. I don’t think I’ve ever even seen them in a book, but I did finish the first draft of my latest, as of yet untitled, novel.

The irony is that, now that the first draft is finished, it’s not the end at all…it’s really only the beginning.

There’s still a lot of work to do before it is ready for you. In the next few days I will distribute copies to my beta-readers and wait for their feedback.

Beta readers are the unsung heroes of the book-writing world, and I’m lucky to have some really good ones.

None of them worry about hurting my feelings and each of them has contributed something that has improved my work in the…

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“Dying Days 4” Cover Reveal #zombie #novel


Dying Days 4 Cover

Yep, here it is… the long-awaited Dying Days 4 cover art, once again magnificently created by Ash Arceneaux (, who’s done the rest of the covers in the series and quite a few others for me. I’m obviously a fan of her work and I hope you are, too. 

But don’t get too excited, because I’m not done with writing it just yet. In the coming days and weeks I’ll update you onto my progress of the first draft and might give you a tease or two along the way.

I also want readers to know this installment of the Dying Days zombie series will be much longer than the previous releases. As I’ve stated on my blog a few weeks ago, I want to give more of the story with each new release, and instead of 25-35k of story you can expect 45-55k (or maybe more as I write the first draft and then edit) for Dying Days 4

I’ll also be bringing in a few characters you might have forgotten about along the way, too… and a few new ones you’ll love and/or hate… but, as always, Darlene Bobich will be the main story for you to follow along… 

AND… if you want to be in the book as well? Find out how HERE

If you haven’t begun the Dying Days stories yet,  I will hunt you down and… I mean… what are you waiting for?

Darlene Bobich: Zombie Killer is the perfect spot to begin your journey!

Darlene eBook NEW

Reblog: “Still Dying 2” #zombie #anthology #review #dyingdays


The Bookie Monster reviewed Still Dying 2, and you should read it!


Spotlight On: Heath Stallcup


author pic

SPOTLIGHT ON: Heath Stallcup


What is your latest release and what genre is it?

My latest release is Coalition of the DamnedA Monster Squad Novel and the genre would have to be classified as Horror.


Quick description of it. 

This is the third installment in the Monster Squad series.  When creatures of the night proved to be real, the best of America’s military came together to form an elite band of rapid response teams.  Their mission is to keep the civilian populace safe from any monsters that would do harm and hide all evidence of their existence.  Now the teams face a threat so overwhelming that they are left with no choice but to turn to the very monsters they’ve hunted in the past to assist them in protecting humanity.


Something unique about it.  

Coalition of the Damned sets the stage for the final encounter.  In the first book, Return of the Phoenix, the characters are introduced and the plot is hinted at, Full Moon Rising sets up the story and this book brings everything together for the finale.  New, key characters are introduced and others hint at their destiny as the story unfolds.  Told literally back to back with the first two, this one will lead directly into the fourth as well.


Links for people to buy it.


Your promo links.


Your short Bio. 

Born in Salinas, California and relocated to Tupelo, Oklahoma in my tween years. Joined the US Navy and was stationed in Charleston, SC and Bangor, WA shortly after junior college. After my second tour I attended EastCentralUniversity where I obtained BS degrees in Biology and Chemistry.  Then served ten years with the State of Oklahoma as a Compliance and Enforcement Officer while moonlighting nights and weekends with our local Sheriff’s Office.  I still live in Tupelo with my wife and three of our seven children.  I steal time to write between household duties, going to ballgames, being a grandfather to five and being the pet of numerous animals that have taken over our home. You can find me on or for news of upcoming releases.


Top Ten: Some things no one tells you about writing


Another reason I read this blog on a daily basis

C h a z z W r i t e s . c o m

1. Nobody cares about your book at first, even if you think they should. Even if you think they care about you, they’re indifferent. It’s maddening. For you, each book is a magical dream made real. For them, “Nice hobby, but so what?” 

2. Since typing looks a lot like writing to the casual observer, you don’t get extra respect for being a writer from a lot of people. Anybody can type, so don’t think you’re special. “Who do you think you are, anyway? You think you’re better than me?” Oh, they won’t really say that. That’s silly. But some may as well say that by the way they’ll treat you.

3. A lot of people can read, but don’t. They care even less than the casual observers in Items #1 and #2. I don’t understand these people. Why live? It’s a mystery.

4. Some people do read, but they’re…

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Press Release: Authors Supporting Our Troops


Authors Supporting Our Troops event!

Rymfire Books

Rymfire author Armand Rosamilia, author of the Dying Days series, has launched the Authors Supporting Our Troops (A.S.O.T) book drive. Rosamilia is reaching out to fellow authors and publishers to seek donations of the authors’ books, signed, for distribution to United State Armed Forces stationed in Kuwait and Afghanistan.  The author book drive for troops is currently underway and runs through April 1st, 2014 but may be extended due to overwhelming response.

Message from Armand Rosamilia on Authors Supporting Our Troops Facebook page:

“I’ll be collecting fellow authors’ books to send to our troops stationed in Kuwait and Afghanistan in April. Interested in donating some of your books? The men and women of the Armed Forces love receiving signed books from authors to read and pass around while they’re over there! If you’re an author and want to help, join this page and then get in…

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It’s time for your Coolest People nominations


I was interviewed and if you’re Cool People you will be interviewed as well in 2014.

C h a z z W r i t e s . c o m

Cool+People+Podcast+FinalOne of my podcasts is the Cool People Podcast. I’m making a list and checking it twice. Guests can be naughty or nice, but they have to be cool. I’m looking for your nominations for 2014. What interviews would you like to hear (or would you like to be heard yourself)?

Who’s cool?67113_196559600480167_927925947_n

I’m interested in speaking with guests about their passions. From director Chris Richardson talking about his latest film to Renee Pawlish talking about the book business, all my guests have strong opinions about the what they do and their place in the world.

Jordanna 2I’ve interviewed Wool author Hugh Howey, Dying Days author Armand Rosamilia, scientific and skeptical person Gordon Bonnet, erotica author Eden Baylee, Middle East foreign policy expert Shermin Kruse, graphic artist Kit Foster, funny sci-fi guy Mark Rayner, musician Mosno Al-Moseeki. Jordanna East shared her experiences with writing and publishing and I spoke with bestselling author Jessica McHugh…

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Guest Post: Infuse Your Writing With Erotica


Infuse Your Writing with Erotica


As writers, we’re frequently trying to get better at our craft. Whether this means developing our skills or delving into new genres, enhancing our approach to writing is what makes us more creative. It also inevitably helps our work stand out from the pack.

So, how do you make your work more noticeable? There really is no easy answer to this question because being a writer requires a little more than a template and formula. However, there are some elements you can add to your writing to guarantee that it get the recognition it desires.

Although there are a number of romance novelists and books out there, you may still have an erroneous impression of the romance/erotica genre. There is much more to writing erotic literature than heaving bosoms and overly dramatic dialogue. And by adding a bit of erotica to your work, you can make it more unique. So how do you include some erotic scenes in your story? Here are some tips on how you can introduce erotica to your writing.

One of the best pieces of advice for a writer is to avoid cliches. While it’s a simple concept and seems rather obvious, it can be difficult to observe this tip when you aren’t familiar with a certain genre. When it comes to writing erotica, it’s especially important to side-step typical erotic story lines and themes. As with any other type of writing, the process used to create erotic scenes in your work takes time, research, and the development of ideas. In order to make your erotic scenes a success, you must develop a sympathetic heroine and a strong, handsome hero; add some emotional and romantic tension; and contrive an intriguing, yet realistic plot.

Keep in mind that your characters, specifically your hero and heroine, drive your plot and move it forward. You want them to leave your readers yearning for more. As a result, you must do the necessary research before you dive into certain subject matters. If you want to incorporate some kinky sex scenes, explore some spicy ideas and inspiration to get started. This is the best way to ensure that your characters and scenarios are relevant and authentic.

Remember to include all the essential writing techniques: effective pacing and proper timing, identifying the emotions and actions of the characters, and crafting a suitable resolution. Give your story depth by pushing the envelope, being creative, and not regurgitating the same plots and themes you’ve read too many times.

Creating unique and intelligent dialogue is important to the development of any story as it gives your characters a voice, personality, and assists in scene transition. Dialogue is particularly significant for crafting romantic and erotic scenes. Consider the ways you can inject dialogue into your sexual situations in order to convey the feelings between your characters and the lust and desire they have for one another.

While you do want to add intensity and passion to the erotic scenes, avoid making your love scenes over the top. Sex isn’t perfect and neither are your characters. You don’t want them to come off as unrealistic by making them rock stars in the bedroom who manage to give their partners mind-blowing orgasms during every intimate encounter.

Humanize your characters and make them more realistic to your audience. Bring out the usual issues involved in physical and emotional relationships and have your characters recognize and perhaps acknowledge their flaws and other relationship pitfalls. While you should give your readers something they may not get at home, don’t over do it. Instead, give them something more grounded that they can inspire to. This will definitely hold their attention and keep them flipping to the next page.

“Let’s Scare Cancer To Death” anthology



I am honored to be included in this wonderful anthology, with all proceeds going to the V Foundation.


What we aren’t reading that might help our writing most


Poetry? Really? Robert Chazz Chute makes the argument #poetry #writing

C h a z z W r i t e s . c o m

“Poetry: the best words in the best order.”

~ Samuel Taylor Coleridge

How does poetry help your prose? Why is poetry still important even though so few people buy it? Here’s why:

1. To paraphrase comedian Greg Proops: “Because George Bush and Dick Cheney. That’s why.” Poetry is a salve for our minds and times.

2. To take off on the Coleridge quote: Poetry is the least words in the best order. Capture a scene with fewer brush strokes and the reader will appreciate the efficiency of your storytelling.

3. From “A Late Walk” by Robert Frost: 

And when I come to the garden ground,
The whir of sober birds
Up from the tangle of withered weeds
Is sadder than any words.

To capture images with imaginative language that illuminates the scene in the reader’s mind, practice by reading and writing more poetry. So much prose is linear to the…

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Between Authors and Their Characters


Interesting article with several points of view!

Books: Publishing, Reading, Writing


I’ve had this problem, although I think in my case it’s more the other way around and I don’t want to talk with my imaginary friends at the moment. I published my first novel in 2012 and have #’s 2, 3 and 4 pretty well written. But on revisiting #2 in preparation for publication, I discovered that it really required a total revamp. There were some characters who had been carried over from the first novel and, when reconsidering the storyline, I decided it was time to get rid of them (no, not by killing them off, but by just writing them out of the story) and replace them with some fresh blood – some truly imagined characters who I thought were a better fit. So I began writing these new character into the storyline and invented new material, scenes, for them so that they could then take over the…

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Reblog: Still Dying 2 Interviews with Tim Baker and Jaime Johnesee



Authors Tim Baker and Jaime Johnesee wrote 2 of the 10 killer zombie stories found in Still Dying 2. Read about it and them

Authors Supporting Our Troops


Armand with Joe McKinney

When you meet your idols sometimes they don’t live up to the hype. Sometimes they are grumpy and ornery and couldn’t care less about you. Such is definitely not the case when it comes to Joe McKinney. I met the man at World Horror Convention in New Orleans last year and he was even better in person than in my mind. Yes, I did the Fanboy thing at first but he ended up being a great guy with a genuine love of what he was doing and everything around him. 

Why am I telling you this? Because when he asked me (and many other authors) to help him as he collected books from us to ship overseas to some of our troops, I jumped at the chance. And so did so many others. He was able to put quite a few books into the hands of our military overseas. I never forgot about it, and decided to do my own event this year, especially when I found out from Joe he didn’t have the same contact overseas. 

But I did. 

My girlfriend Shelly (Special Gal to those in the know) had a great contact she’s known for years, someone she considers her family. I’ve been lucky enough to meet him and he is quite impressive. He’ll be coming back to the States in late March and then shipping overseas, at which point he’ll be my contact for this book drive. But let Shelly give you more detail about him:

Shelly: “I met James about 8 years ago when he was 17, while working in a youth department of the church I was attending.  He was a quiet young man living in a rough situation. I starting getting to know him and over the years he has become like a son to me. We got him through high school and he started working and then he started thinking about the military. I support him 110% and he has turned into a wonderful young man who celebrated his 25th birthday this past December. He refers to me as his godmom and I couldn’t be prouder of him if he were mine.”

He is currently a Private First Class serving at Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany but will deploy to Kuwait in April.

James graduation from boot camp

Here is the main idea behind everything…

I’ll be collecting fellow author’s books to send to our troops stationed in Kuwait in April. Interested in donating some of your books? The men and women of the Armed Forces love receiving signed books from authors to read and pass around while they’re over there! If you’re an author and want to help, join this Facebook page and then get in touch with Armand for the address to send your copies. Let’s do something positive for someone else! 

I want to thank everyone who’ve already committed to helping with the event and are sending me packages so i can gather the books and box them for the troops. 

Quite a few non-authors have asked how they can help… get in touch with me, I will gladly collect donations to offset the shipping costs from me as well as purchase more books from authors I know at cost so there will be more books in the boxes to ship. 

At this time I am only interested in author-signed books to ship overseas. I think the troops will love the read and also knowing the actual author sent the books or the actual publisher. I’m not looking for your used books to donate or perishables or anything other than print books. This is not an eBook event, and not a forum for your political statements. It is simply to help those in the trenches who might want to read a book they can’t get their hands on right now. 

Come and help out as an author or as a supporter!

How to crack writer’s block. No whining. No excuses.


More great insights from Robert Chazz Chute!

C h a z z W r i t e s . c o m

There are many distractions between your bed and your writing desk. Some suggestions to discipline the monkey mind:

1. Well, write in bed then! (Pee bottle or diapers optional.)

2. Work on a computer without Internet access. Unplug the modem or get your pet rat to chew on the wires if necessary.

3. Get your spouse to activate the parental controls (so they have the code). Congratulations! Your distracting porn addiction just vanished. 

4. Commit to scheduling writing time just as you would a doctor’s appointment, the gym or any other important job. You know your writing is important work, too, right?

5. Make your commitments public. Failure yields public humiliation. Success gets you a reward. Make a bet with a writing buddy or do writing sprints in social media. Report your progress, or lack of it, so you’ll do better tomorrow.

6. Defend your writing time. Wield dual ice axes…

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Guest Post: Demelza Carlton



A Girl Can’t Know What it’s Like to be a Man


A female author can’t write a convincing male perspective. She’s just not anatomically equipped to think like a man, so it’s impossible.

I guess I just don’t like being told something is impossible, because the male perspectives in my books are what many readers love – yes, including the sex scenes. Oh, now there’s a can of worms…or maybe just those little pink sausages…sex from a guy’s perspective. I believe I’ll leave that can closed at the moment and open it a little later.

Why bother? I mean, when writing a female perspective comes so naturally, why would I choose to write as if I were a man?

I write my books predominantly in first person perspective. Each character has a completely different perception and voice, so that’s what I write. I see each scene through the character’s head – their eyes, nose, ears, sense of touch…and occasionally taste. That colours the scene, too, limiting the amount of description I use, as real people only notice a few things about other people or anything new. So, when Nathan Miller first looks at Caitlin in Nightmares of Caitlin Lockyer, he notices her injuries and her expression. He doesn’t say how beautiful he thinks she is, nor her background or even her life history, as he knows it. In fact, he’s got a lot in common with clams, he’s so forthcoming with information. I like Nathan’s perspective because it allows me to hide things.

A common adage in writing is, of course, “Show, don’t tell.” When you’re writing suspense like I do, sometimes it’s more a case of, “Hide, don’t tell.” Some things are hidden in plain sight, described in the text but not given any significance by the character. Yet, these tiny details are crucial to unravelling the mysteries hidden in the story.

Caitlin knows exactly what happened to her. It’s why her nightmares are so vivid, driving her into a screaming panic most nights. To write this book from her perspective, as I did the original draft in 1994, would give away far too much and include graphic details of sickening abuse. If you’re after that kind of information – don’t worry, I didn’t delete it, nor did I hide it completely. The sequel to Nightmares of Caitlin Lockyer is Necessary Evil of Nathan Miller, and that book is entirely from Caitlin’s perspective, graphic violence and all.

Nightmares of Caitlin Lockyer is about Nathan finding out what happened to Caitlin, so that the people who hurt her can pay for their crimes. For maximum suspense, it had to be written from his perspective – no matter how anatomically ill-equipped I might be.

Nathan is definitely a man – he flirts with the nurses, worries about the state of his stomach, gets excited when he sees a girl in sexy underwear and does his utmost to be the hero and protector Caitlin needs him to be.

How do I know? How did I make sure he was a real man and not just some figment of my imagination? Of course, technically he is a figment of my imagination, but…

I have a team of beta-readers and editors who read my work and give me their honest opinion. At least half of them are male, which means perspectives vary a lot. Some complain that there is too much sex in a book and some say there isn’t enough. Some say they think Nathan’s just wonderful, while others want to smack him. As I always worry about the amount of sex in a book and I alternate between liking Nathan and wanting to knock him out, I take their critique very seriously.

The result? A believable male character who is far too realistic to be simply a figment of my imagination. Now, you can like, love or hate him – that’s entirely your call. But, just like Caitlin, he’s one of those characters who might not leave you alone, so beware…if you read Nightmares of Caitlin Lockyer, you won’t forget Nathan easily.


Demelza Carlton


Demelza Carlton has always loved the ocean, but on her first snorkelling trip she found she was afraid of fish.

She has since swum with sea lions, sharks and sea cucumbers and stood on spray-drenched cliffs over a seething sea as a seven-metre cyclonic swell surged in, shattering a shipwreck below.

Sensationalist spin? No – Demelza tends to take a camera with her so she can capture and share the moment later; shipwrecks, sharks and all.

Demelza now lives in Perth, Western Australia, the shark attack capital of the world.

The Ocean’s Gift series was her first foray into fiction, followed by the Nightmares trilogy.

Demelza’s website:

http://www.demelzacarlton. com

Contact links: