Turtle-Crawling Into 2014 With My Writing


A bad thing happened after a hugely successful NaNoWriMo November for me… I fell off with my writing, and badly. 

This is going to be a whiny, negative blog post, so if you’re looking for pictures of funny animals doing Christmas things, go find it somewhere else. I’m gonna git real fo a sec, yo… 

Today is the 23rd of December (or as some stupid people like to call it, Christmas Eve Eve… don’t call it that) and I should have about 30,000 to 46,000 words written for the month so far. Somewhere in that range would make me happy. 

Where am I so far in December? 17,781 words. Crap. In the 23 days of December I haven’t written on 8 of them. Unacceptable. The November novel sits firmly at 50,500 words and I’ve barely looked at it. I’m limping along on a short story for an anthology. While I love the story so far, the motivation to finish it isn’t there. A lousy 4,000 words in a month on a story shouldn’t be too hard… yet here I am, sitting at 3,457 words for the last 4 days. A half hour writing sprint would finish it off. 

I think the problem is motivation on everything right now. I am currently going back and forth about three potential projects for companies that will give me a nice chunk of money to live off of in the beginning of 2014, which is a great thing… but they are all moving along so slowly with the contracts, payments and deadline setting it is taking up most of my mental time. I should be writing but I’m worrying about how I’m going to pay the bills in the first quarter of 2014, how I’ll be able to have a great Christmas and have money left over, etc. etc. 

I have yet to have a huge writing day in December, and that usually helps me get rolling. One day of 5,000 words on a project or two let’s me relax and write, but it hasn’t come yet. Every day is a new challenge for me. Nothing major, just whiny stuff like spending the day shopping or me not feeling well or dealing with personal issues like my kids. 

I know, I’m being a whiny bitch. I’m a lucky man. I have a great career I’ve been dreaming about since I was twelve years old, I have a great family, a great Special Gal and special friends surrounding me. I have money in my pocket and I live in a nice house and have too much food to eat. 

Now I just need to find the motivation to write before December is over… 

Oh, in case I don’t see you tomorrow… have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!



8 Responses to “Turtle-Crawling Into 2014 With My Writing”

  1. I have had a similar problem. I know I have to edit and revise a chapter book fro spring publication, plan a new schedule for blog posts in 2014 and prepare for a novel workshop series – however, I have sadly lacked any real motivation. I feel burnt out…
    To help myself get over this hiatus, I am giving myself permission to relax and refresh until 2nd January. I may dabble but whatever is done or not done will be OK.


  2. themistyneighborhood Says:

    I’m having the same issues. I’m recovering from a severe case of not giving a shit. Other days I’ve lollygagged and asked myself why this writing addiction seems to be nothing more than an expensive hobby. Money’s tight. Checks are flying out the door for publishing expenses. I’m banging my head against the wall over tedious crap like my technological deficiencies. I’ve had to ask people for help and that kills me. I feel like the world is moving too fast for me. I’m trying to catch that train and it’s already rolling down the tracks and I don’t feel I’ll ever catch it. But, I’ll recover, and so will you. Your star is rising, as is Mr. Baker’s. You guys are my inspiration. You have to keep going. If you don’t, I don’t know if I will make it. Your work ethic is what keeps me going some days. ‘If Tim and Armand can do it, so can I.’ You have to keep going. My career depends on it. I’m a self-sabotager trying to recover. I need you to inspire me. Otherwise, I might never get there.


    • There is hope and inspiration for all of us, even Mr. Baker! I’m going to assume once the holidays are over and 2014 rolls around we’ll all get our acts together and have a productive start to the year.



  3. You both need mental health breaks. I hope to have half the luck on my next novel that you two sound like you’re having. 😉 Happy Holidays.


  4. simondewar Says:

    Feeling your pain bro. I’m in a similar position. I finished Table o Contents for my anthology and came out firing with maybe 10,000 words… And now I feel flat.. Dead.. Uninspired… Wholly unproductive. A bit depressing.


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