Spotlight On: Craig DiLouie (with Joe McKinney and Stephen Knight)

Craig DiLouie headshot

SPOTLIGHT ON: Craig DiLouie, Joe McKinney, Stephen Knight


What is your latest release and what genre is it?


It’s in the zombie apocalypse genre.

 joe mckinney

Quick description of it.

A dream team of three acclaimed apocalyptic fiction writers have come together to produce a six-part novella series, THE RETREAT. Episode #1: PANDEMIC is now available for the Kindle for about $3. The second episode will come out by the end of 2013. Here’s the synopsis:

As a new disease turns people into sadistic, laughing killers, in Boston, a battalion of light infantry struggles to maintain order. As the numbers of infected grow, the battalion loses control, and the soldiers find themselves fighting for their lives against the very people they once swore an oath to protect.

During the ensuing collapse, the lost battalion learns the Army is still holding out in Florida, which has been cleared of the Infected. Harry Lee, its commander, decides the only hope for his men is to get there. But first they must cross more than a thousand miles of America that has been turned into a war zone, fighting a fearless, implacable and merciless enemy.

 stephen knight

Something unique about it.

THE RETREAT is a military zombie novel in the tradition of TOOTH AND NAIL (DiLouie) and THE GATHERING DEAD (Knight). The story arc for the series is about a lost battalion that must travel through an apocalyptic wasteland to safety, with each episode written by a different author. The zombies aren’t the traditional Romero type but laughing sadists who are unpredictable and deliver a sharper edge of horror to the story. The soldiers have the firepower and the training, but they are forced to make increasingly tough choices and fight harder to survive against an implacable, omnipresent enemy. It’s the end of the world. THE RETREAT is about the men and women who try to save it.


Links for people to buy it.


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Your short Bio.

Craig DiLouie is the author of TOOTH AND NAIL, THE INFECTION and THE KILLING FLOOR. Joe McKinney is the author of DEAD CITY, FLESH EATERS and THE SAVAGE DEAD. Stephen Knight is the author of THE GATHERING DEAD, THE RISING HORDE and EARTHFALL.

THE RETREAT by Craig DiLouie

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