Guest Post: Candy Ann Little


Writing in Different Genres

Many writers ask if they should write in the same genre or if they can branch out and write in different ones. I’m not sure why authors feel the need to be associated with only one particular genre? And, I’m in no way an authority in this subject. I just feel that if you have a story inside you, tell it. What is wrong with writing a story because it’s not the romance, fantasy, sci-fi, horror or mystery that you usually write?


Do professors in the writing course tell college students this? Maybe it comes from publishing houses and agents. Perhaps, it is just insecure feelings that lead authors to believe they can only write in one genre. I believe in the past this was more of the norm. However, indie publishing has revolutionized this notion.


As authors we have the ability to write and publish whatever we want. So I say, cut loose, and write that story that is churning in your head. Bring those characters to life and forgot that it isn’t your usual genre. Multiple genre writing is the new black!!


Indie authors aren’t the only ones doing it either. There are big name authors writing different genres. Nora Roberts is well known for romances, but she’s equally known for her grittier mystery/ thriller novels as J.D. Rob. Look at J.K. Rowling, she wrote an adult romance and a mystery after being known as a YA fantasy author. (I know it’s been debated that these two books aren’t good, but that’s a whole different post.)


As for me, well, I guess I don’t really care what the writing industry has to say. I have always written from my heart. If the story is rolling around my head and the characters are talking to me, then I write it. I like reading different genres so why should I be limited to only writing one?


I have written in 3 genres to date. The Unwilling Bride is a Christian, historical romance. Unforgiving Ghosts is a Christian, contemporary romance. Then, I wrote Death by broken heart, a mainstream cozy mystery novella, which leads to this new full length mystery novel, Murder of an Oil Heiress.  I am also working on a YA book and have an idea for a horror story, but both will be far down the writing path.


The point is I don’t hold to the write in only one genre. Quite honestly, if I did, I’d only have one book!! I feel being true to me is more important. Is it harder to write so many genres? I’ve never had much of a problem, but my brain is always going in different directions. I’m the type of person to take bunny trails when talking to people. I will be on one subject, then get sidetracked with another story and circle it back around to the original subject I was telling.


Not only are my book genres different, so are my publishing genres. My romances have Christian elements, whereas my mysteries are more mainstream. Yet I’m confident in both categories that I write.


So what is stopping you from writing in a different genre?



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4 Responses to “Guest Post: Candy Ann Little”

  1. I SO totally agree on this. I write mostly paranormal romance, but I’ve also written a fantasy romance and a horror. And the book I’m working on right now is horror. I think it makes a writer better when they stretch those writing muscles and write something different than they are used to.

    The author that stands out most to me when it comes to crossing genres is Michael Crichton. He wrote a little bit of everything. RIP


    • Exactly!! Why should we put ourselves in a box and only write that genre. You’re right it does stretch our muscles to think in different ways. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.


  2. candyannlittle Says:

    THank you so much for hosting me and my book today. It’s a blessing to be on your site. Have a great day!!


  3. If we read multiple genres it seems to make sense that we’d write them too.


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