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What is your latest release and what genre is it?

I actually have 3. One on September 30th, One on October 30th, and one on November 30th. In that order they are Dead: Reborn (Book 7 of the DEAD series); Zomblog: Snoe’s Journey (Book 6 of the Zomblog series); and That Ghoul Ava Kicks Some Faerie A** (Book 2 of the That Ghoul Ava series).

The first two are zombie, but Ava is my foray into horror/comedy.


Quick description of it.

The DEAD series is a character heavy series with three rotating chapters: Steve, The Geeks, and Vignettes. It is character driven and book 7 is a year into the apocalypse.


Zomblog: Snoe’s Journey is the final Zomblog story and is a journal written by the daughter of the main characters from the original trilogy set almost 20 years post-apoc.


And Ava, well…she is just fun…full of 80s references and sarcasm.


Something unique about it.

The DEAD series is probably one of the most character-heavy zombie series out there. I wanted to give fans of the genre something with more emphasis on character development than the rip-and-tear.

Zomblog: Snoe’s Journey is 20 years later. This gives a peek at a world well after the dead started showing up at peoples’ doors.

And Ava…again, she is sort of snarky, very stuck in her 80s ways, and she eats dead people.


Links for people to buy it.


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Your short Bio.

Welcome to MY world…

A few minutes with author TW Brown.

Tucked away in the Pacific Northwest with my wife Denise, a Border Collie named Aoife (pronounced EYE-fa), a guitar collection, and an increasing number of aquariums sporting a variety of fish (cichlids are my new favorites), I live for football season when I can cheer on the Oregon Ducks and be disappointed by my Seattle Seahawks once again. I am a fan of Cookie Monster, KISS, and Dr. Who (along with most things British).

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