Spotlight On: Jim Hester




What is your latest release and what genre is it?

1)      Knights of the White Camelia


2)      Unforgiveable


3)      Common Enemy


4)      Hypocritic Oath


5)      The Lyons’ Den


All are political, legal thrillers and became available on Amazon on 10/26/13.


Quick description of it.

1)      Rogue group of Nazis try to pick up where Hitler left off but Col. Michael Madigan stops them, although he is arrested for kidnapping the president.

2)      Irish American judge overcome by repressed memories after finding a murder defendant guilty when she realizes it’s her presumed dead father.

3)      After losing his wife and son in a short nuclear exchange, former astronaut joins group to eliminate nuclear weapons and goes to extreme lengths to do so.

4)      Small town high school football coach becomes, in just five weeks, president of the United States.

5)      Brilliant teenager with the ability to interpret dreams starts, and tries to stop, the apocalypse.


Something unique about it.

1)      Main character becomes vice-president but is quickly impeached.

2)      Federal court judge joins the IRA.

3)      Astronaut convinces the United Nations that he’s an alien and will destroy the world if nuclear weapons are not eliminated.

4)      New president admits he’s in over his head but pledges not to be a hypocrite.

5)      Teen-age boy tries to kill the pope and the leader of the European Union.


Links for people to buy it.


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Your short Bio.

Trial attorney, judge, served with army special forces and volunteered for Persian Gulf War, college professor teaching law, business and political science, candidate for Congress, father of two (22 and 19).

Twenty percent of proceeds of sales of books will go to college scholarship program for Volusia county high school seniors.


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