Spotlight On: Sunny Shandilya


SPOTLIGHT ON: Sunny Shandilya


What is your latest release and what genre is it?

First of all thanks for this opportunity to let me present myself on a global platform.

My debut YA sci-fi fantasy fiction is named – ‘Nav and the Ninth Universe – The Clock Of Time’.


Quick description of it.

 Here is the book’s blurb:

Ever had a feeling that nothing around you is what it looks like. You feel you are dreaming and would soon wake up from your sleep.

What would you do if you had the superpowers of invisibility and super-fast travel?

Nineteen year old Nav’s monotonous life turns topsy-turvy when he comes to know that his father who died ten years ago is actually alive in a parallel universe.

He has to race against time unraveling various mysteries starting with his first clue at ‘Christ – the redeemer’ statue in Rio de Janeiro.

In his pursuit to find his real mother in nine days, he stumbles upon ‘The Clock of Time’ and fights humans, super humans, ninjas, mythical creatures, demons, centaurs, mixed breeds. He also meets Kiaraa, a mysterious girl who can control water at will.

Witness Nav uncover many lies that the human civilization has been living under, while trying to find his real mother who holds the secret to his destiny.


Something unique about it.

 It a YA based on the wonders of the world. The book is furiously paced and when you get lost in the story, you will fell to be a part and you will question yourself what if the wonders were not actually what the world sees them to be?


Links for people to buy it.

Amazon. com- (USA) – (UK)

Flipkart –  (INDIA)


Your promo links.

The first chapter is available for download on

            Join the official book page on facebook:
The Goodreads page:


Your short Bio.

 Shailesh Kumar Jha, who writes under the pen name of Sunny Shandilya, is from Bokaro, Jharkhand, India. He did his schooling from The Pentecostal Assembly School where he discovered his interest in literature.

He is currently working in a software firm in Noida, India as an SAP consultant and never thought he would have the patience to complete a book.

This book, his maiden novel, started as a small idea on a night in March 2011 and soon developed into full fledged story. He felt Nav’s adventure run in front of his eyes like a movie.

The writer wants to mesmerize the readers with fantasy, magic and imagination through Nav’s discoveries around the world.

The first chapter is available for download on the website:



Nav and the Ninth Universe_eBook cover

One Response to “Spotlight On: Sunny Shandilya”

  1. That book sounds very imaginative! I shall look out for it.


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