Spotlight On: Vix Kirkpatrick


SPOTLIGHT ON: Vix Kirkpatrick (aka Fluffyredfox)


What is your latest release:

my blog site


Quick description of it:

its where a happy little fox shares her views and reviews on a range of books, mostly horror, but I also love comedy, sci-fi and mystery/thrillers, so if a novel has all of those elements I am in heaven! I also have done a few movie blogs as am an avid film fan too.


Something unique about it:

I am not a writer, I don’t try to be nor do I ever want to be!


Your short Bio:

Don’t think anyone would be interested…. But, in my day job I am a Nurse on a busy medical ward in my hometown in the south of UK; this means on a daily basis I see some horrific and heartwarming elements of humanity. I also happen to be married to a wild Scotsman, trust me, some of them need taming!  I was introduced to the Rats by James Herbert when I had a crush on an older boy at school, many moons ago, and read it to impress him with my knowledge, I was then hooked on horror. Of course I loved all the “greats and famous” names (too many to mention) but since I got my Kindle for Xmas 2009 I discovered the amazing world of ebook and the variety of independent authors and publishers ie NOT what they call the Big Six! It is strange the new terminology I have had to learn to fully become a member of this society. I am truly honoured to call some of these authors friends now, it has only taken a few years of stalking, hiding out in sheds and sending chocolate parcels but I got there.

In my up and coming blogs I hope to showcase some of my favourites and somewhere next year I will endeavor to do a top 10.  I recently did a holiday challenge which through up some interesting challenges for me, one of which was what to do with a bad review? I try always to be honest but never cruel, I endeavor to be constructive.

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