Spotlight On: James Crawford


SPOTLIGHT ON: James Crawford


What is your latest release and what genre is it?

Two things, back to back: my first two books in print. Blood Soaked and Contagious + Blood Soaked and Invaded, the first two novels in the “Blood Soaked” series. Zombie horror.


Quick description of it.

Frank Stewart, zombie exterminator, gets more than he bargained for when a failed military operation causes the local zombie overlord to move nearby: kidnapping, blood, guts, and contagious materials.


Something unique about it.

Sentient Z’s in the Washington, DC suburbs.



Links for people to buy it.




Your promo links.

Twitter: @crawford4033



Your short Bio.

I realized recently that I was always a writer, even when I paid more attention to fine art. In 2010, I rediscovered the part of myself I’d forgotten. I self-published these titles, learned a lot about Amazon, and found myself with contracts from Permuted Press on both titles… and the third in the series, which is entitled “Blood Soaked and Gone.”


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