IAI – Armand Rosamilia’s Road to Zombies is Paved with Metal


Great interview, and not just because it’s with me…

Writing in a Dead World


Armand and I share a few things in common. We are both transplants to Florida from the northeast, we both like our music a little loud (although I have some Adele on my Ipod), we both agree the Yankees are the better than the Red Sox(okay not true), but mostly we both love zombies. While I’m infecting the southwest area of Florida with my particular virus, Armand set his Apocalypse in Florida’s northeast coast. Zombie authors love zombies and zombie fans can’t get enough – but commercial viability of the subject is pretty darn low unless you’re working on the hit series The Walking Dead – so let’s discuss being a zombie writer with guest Indie author Armand Rosamillia –

Armand: Thanks for having me… but don’t even joke about me being a Yankees fan. Not cool. While Jeter was playing golf my beloved Red Sox were winning a World…

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