Spotlight On: Erik Hofstatter


SPOTLIGHT ON: Erik Hofstatter


What is your latest release and what genre is it?

“Moribund Tales is a mix of campfire Gothic and rewritten urban legends.” – Anthony Cowin


Quick description of it:

Moribund Tales features 9 shocking pieces of short dark fiction that will take you on a horrifying exploration into the dark side of human nature.

The tales are diverse and range from memories of blood and remorse in ‘Broken Glass,’ to a chilling brotherly compassion in ‘Last Straw of Humanity,’ from dark rituals and soul searching in ‘Soul Reflection,’ to a mysterious voice, guiding a blind traveler in ‘The Chaperone.’

You will find tales of cunning revenge and fiery metamorphosis in ‘Infant’s Fingers’ and one lonely man’s quest for love going horribly wrong in the previously unpublished ‘Affectionate Cadaver.’

The collection also includes the acclaimed ‘Tears of Repentance’ and ‘Internal Abduction.’

Some tales appeared previously in print elsewhere, others appear here for the first time.


Something unique about it:

“Erik Hofstatter’s Moribund Tales is a short anthology written in a Poe influenced Gothic style. This toe dipping offers the right amount of time inside the warm treacle of words. Any longer gulping below the surface may leave some readers feeling breathless.” – The Horrifically Horrifying Horror Blog

Links for people to buy it:


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Your short Bio:

Erik Hofstatter is a dark fiction writer, who dwells in a beauteous and serenading Garden of England, where he can be frequently encountered consuming reckless amounts of mead and tyrannizing local peasantry.

At a young age, he built a Viking ship and journeyed myriad sea miles away from native land in search of plunder and pillage.

His work appeared in various magazines and anthologies such as Schlock, Inner Sins, Sanitarium and Psychopomp. Erik’s axe is a loyal companion and never departs its master’s side. Moribund Tales, his first work of collected fiction is out now on Amazon.

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