Spotlight On: David Greske

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SPOTLIGHT ON: David Greske


What is your latest release and what genre is it?

Latest release: Harlow, genre Horror


Quick description of it. 

Harlow is a town built on secrets, but the biggest secret isn’t locked in a closet, or buried in the yard. It’s the glass and steel structure standing on Asylum Hill.  Behind those walls the genes of a young boy and terrifying beast are spliced together.  What should’ve been a triumph of science has turned to a hellish creation.

When the abomination escapes four of the town’s citizens must stop it before the town is devastated.  Problem is: the carnival is in town, drawing thousands of visitors to the small burg, and the Creation is heading towards it…and the beast is hungry.


Something unique about it.  

It’s just good monster novel.  There are no sulking shape-shifters, no sparkling vampires, or no social messages.  It’s just pure entertainment for those that enjoy the horror genre. 


Links for people to buy it.  

It is available on


Your promo links.,


Your short Bio.

David Greske is the author of four novels and over twenty short stories that have appeared in several magazines and anthologies including Black Ink Horror, Thirteen, Bones, Ugly Babies, and Barnyard Horror.

 He co-wrote the screenplay to his novel, BLOODRIVER, which has been made into a feature film by ForbesFilm.

The author currently lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota where he is busy writing the screenplay for Blood River 2 and pulling together a collection of his short stories.

For further information go to

 Harlow cover

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