Spotlight On: Sam Hossler

2010 Head & Shoulders Sam 023



What is your latest release and what genre is it?

A two book series: Silversmith Chronicles and Beasts of the Frontier. This was targeted for the Young Adults but has found acceptance with all ages. Early America fantasy. 


Quick description of it.

The setting is early 1800s in Western Pennsylvania. A beast has been ravaging the sheep herds and our two teenage hero’s set a trap. What they find is something never seen before. Granny from the old country declares it a werewolf. In subsequent attacks a young girl is not only bitten but raped by the beast. Armed with silver bullets the boys set out to destroy the beast that has now inflicted the werewolf curs on more residents. A close encounter with one werewolf almost ends their quest.

The second in the series, Beasts of the Frontier, finds our two hero’s on a winter deer hunt. Not only do they discover a werewolf but a new monster the Indians call Sasquatch. Life in the Pennsylvania North Woods becomes an education in survival. Can they kill the marauding werewolf who has partnered with this giant hairy beast, or will they become the prey?


Something unique about it.

I have tried to show how the characters, all from different ethnic backgrounds, find friendship despite their original distrust for one another. But it is really just a fun read.


Links for people to buy it.  

Amazon has them in soft cover or e book, or also have them available. The Change Jar Book Store in Flagler Beach carries them in stock.


Your promo links.

My publisher, Grannyapple Publishing send news releases to media.


Your short Bio. 

Sam Hossler has been writing for over forty years. Magazine articles on the outdoors at first, followed by travel and human interest. When an archeological dig was started near his home he became fascinated with early American history. His first two books, Frontier at Three Rivers and Frontier Preacher are historical fiction all based on fact, taken from Western Pennsylvania Historical records. The latest series were a fun project for young people. He has been a newspaper reporter, columnist and now a freelance writer.

Beasts Cover

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