Spotlight On: Jeffrey Kosh



What is your latest release and what genre is it?

It’s a bit of that and that. Part sea adventure, part horror, but with a lot of piratical fun. Readers already know the original short, and many asked me to expand and give a true end to the story. I tried and had a lot of fun.


Quick description of it.

Dead Men Tell No Tales – The Full Tale is the complete novel of Captain Daniel Drake and the crew of the Banshee’s Cry. Think of the short story like one you heard in a tavern: quick, dirty, and lacking details. In the full tale you get the truth.

I always wondered where the Banshee’s Cry crew got all those corpses to decorate the ship’s hull for crossing the DevilSea and what happened in 1708. Well, here are the answers. 


Something unique about it.

It’s my most cinematic story. Readers know me mostly for my poetic language and moody atmospheres (Stryx, Haunt, Revenant). In this novel, I mixed a lot of swashbuckling action and witty dialogues with stomach turning  descriptions and hordes of rotting creatures. However, there’s also much characterization and interplay. And much more humor, too. Think of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ in the zombapocalypse. But no Jack Sparrow in it, sorry; my Daniel Drake is a bit more like Mal Reynolds of Firefly with a hint of Banderas’ Zorro.

There are two strong female characters in the story: a sexy, but shady voodoo priestess (Kaya) and a badass pirate woman (Le Corbeau Noir) who had a stormy relationship with Drake in the past.
Add to this the most creepy – and disturbing – villain I ever conceived (The Crimson Roger) who refers to himself in plural and a cast of characters that speak with different accents (a Scottish helmsman, a Swedish lookout, and an old Irish admiral to name a few) and you’ve got the idea of how big was my headache when I wrote this. I spent more time finding a way to put on paper old Caribbean patois than at writing the flamboyant combat scenes. There are many tongue-in-cheek tributes to famous sci-fi series, horror movies, and comics. I dare you to find them.

This, along with Black Brig (my free short story), is the cornerstone of the Dead Men Tell No Tales Universe, an alternate history setting I intend to expand with the next novel, Bloody Cross. I have a bible for this universe, complete with a timeline, nations, and mysteries.


Links for people to buy it.

Dead Men is available in paperback and ebook edition by May December



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 Dead Men Tell No Tales - The Full Tale - Jeffrey Kosh

Your short Bio.

Jeffrey Kosh is the pen name of an author of two novels, some novelettes, and a long series of short stories. Perhaps best known for his horror fiction, Jeffrey also writes erotica and likes to experience different paths. His works have been published by Alexandria Publishing Group, Grinning Skull Press, May-December Publications, and EFW. He is also a graphic artist, creating covers for various authors and publishing houses. His various careers have led him to travel extensively worldwide, developing a passion for photography, wildlife, history, and popular folklore. All these things heavy influence his writing style. His short story ‘HAUNT‘ was featured in the ‘FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE‘ anthology, while ‘ROAD OFF‘ became the lead in the ‘SCARE PACKAGE‘ collection. His debut novel, ‘FEEDING THE URGE‘ is now at its second edition.


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