Guest Post: Paul Levas



An Interview with Paul Levas

How long have you been writing, and what made you want to be a writer?

I have been writing for the past sixteen years.

How do you get your ideas?

My mind is wrapped around what if questions all the time, not even questions that would turn into story ideas, but a lot of my questions have been “What if?” For example, my story The Shed was written because everyday I went outside and saw my shed out back, I asked myself what was in there. At first, it was small trolls, but the story became more frightening and meaningful then small trolls.

What is your favorite story you’ve written so far?

Like you, I love all my stories, but the one that I hold close to my heart isn’t even published yet, but it is titled The Blog of Kevin Hickey. It’s about hate, anger, disrespect, and how the majority of us really are.

How do you handle reviews? Mainly bad reviews?

I haven’t had a bad review yet on my shorts, but when I do, I suspect it will bother me, but I have thick skin and everyone has an opinion, right?

Do you work with an outline, or write as soon as the idea comes to you?

I’m working on a novel right now and its my first attempt at using an outline. Personally, I love getting an idea, super stoked about and just write, and worry about everything else later.

Last, who are your favorite authors, and how many books do you think you read a year?

My major influence is Stephen King hands down. But I also am a big fan of Elmore Leonard, Robert B. Parker, Lee Child, Dean Koontz, and a man who hasn’t even written a novel, Quentin Tarantino. His characters speak the truth like everyone in the real world. He makes movies, but his characters are you and I, or the next stranger beside us.


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