The Zombie Apocalypse Hits European Village – Again

Tim Baker and I finished the first draft of Dying Days: European Village 2 – Electric Bugaloo!


A little more than a year ago Armand Rosamilia and I were enjoying a banana-bread-beer (don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it) with some friends at one of our favorite local pubs called Farley’s.

Farley’s is in a “plaza” called European Village, which consists of 3 buildings arranged in a triangular shape with an entrance at each point of the triangle. The first floor of each building is occupied by businesses – restaurants, pubs…even a cigar shop – and the upper 3 floors are condominiums.

The interior of the triangle is a large open courtyard with a gazebo in the center.

The architecture of the entire plaza is intended to resemble an old…you guessed it…European village. It even goes so far as to have spots where the stucco has (by design) fallen off.

So – anyway…as we’re sitting there enjoying the setting Armand mentioned that E.V. would be a cool…

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