Guest Post: Tovah Janovsky



Tovah Janovsky


     Thundering hoof beats fiercely gallop across the expanse of time.  The 4 horsemen come racing out of the prophetic past into the now.  Oblivious nations are caught by surprise.  Dark sun, blood red moon, scarlet seas, a carpet of dead fish coats the waters’ surface as stars fall from the sky, islands sink into the depths, and mountains are thrown into the sea.  Millions entered the gates of God’s grace, open for over 2,000 years.  Within heaven’s bosom, the sound of those gates crashing shut, blows a chilling wind through the thoughts of those resting there in secure peace.

     The people walk about like empty-eyed zombies, stunned and reeling over heaven’s unleashed wrath.  Unknown diseases eat away at their flesh as their life force hemorrhages out of them.  They are clueless as to what it all means.  There is no turning back.  They plunge headlong into the chasm of destruction.  Famine, disease, war and conquest do these horsemen bring to the earth.

     Street evangelists beseech the nations to repent and turn to God but the peoples of the earth would have none of it.  Instead they curse and revile these messengers and their message.  The accursed enumerate all their good deeds up to the heavens; it matters not.  Messiah’s message trampled under their feet has sealed the fate of the unrepentant.

     In the bowels of hell’s wheelhouse, gears grind swiftly, hoisting huge cages filled with long-tailed imps and demons.  They flail against their captivity, then wail like banshees as the floodgate opens. Other hellions swarm up from the abyss; unholy terrors running and rampaging with unending energy and ferocity.  They stampede about and gleefully seek out victims to inflict evil upon.  They can do no less as they are hard wired with Beelzebub’s evil prime directive.

     Lukewarm churches are spewed out of the mouth of the Holy One (blessed be He) because they are neither hot nor cold.  He despises their tepid state; they nauseate Him.

     Unmarked world citizens flee for their lives.  Stripped of their jobs, money, food, and property for their disobedience to the Evil One,  they run to mountains, forests and caves joining others there as they eke out an existence far from the reach of the Evil One’s armies.  In desperation many of them knock on doors seeking food.  It is a crime to give aid and comfort to these outlaws. They either get none, some, or are arrested and  carried off for execution by order of the Evil One.  He makes Hitler and Stalin look like purring pussycats. 

     In heaven’s throne room the 24 elders with long silver manes encircle the throne and jam out The Flight of the Valkyries on their harps; a musical accompaniment to the wailing Battle of Armageddon  seething below on the earth.

     Many gasp as their iPhones’ flicker images of the two fiery witnesses’ dead bodies in the streets of Jerusalem.  They rejoiced at their deaths, unable to bear to another convicting word.  Their cheering is arrested.  Slack-jawed they view invisible arms raise the witnesses up and away, into the heaven-lies.

    Eyes pierced through by the sight of  ever increasing horrors, many cry out to God, begging Him to let rocks fall upon and cover them.  Their words fall on deaf ears as the River of Rage continues its thundering fury,engulfing them all.

     Jerusalem’s temple rebuilt, Israel befriends the Evil One; soon they will know the truth and join others in running for their lives.

     The Whore of Babylon reclines on the back of the Beast as she drinks the cup holding the blood of the saints who died rather than betray The Holy One.  A certain, greater reward awaited them so they chose death and were forever set free, leaving humanity’s holocaust behind them.



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