Guest Post: Mark Tufo


Here is a small excerpt from my newest novel coming out shortly! Hope you enjoy it and Happy Halloween!


Zombie Fallout 7 – The Fallen


“It’s always road trips,” BT said, looking through the window.

I had been lost in thought. “What?”

“Who knew that the zombie apocalypse would be one road trip after another?”

I was still holding on to visions of a burning Eliza and her hand falling from her breast, her pointer finger extending out towards me. Possibly in accusation or as an invitation to join her.

I came up with the ever witty “Huh?”

“Shit, Talbot, how much room you got in that head of yours that you travel so far away?” BT chided me.

Travis laughed. “Sorry,” he mumbled when I glared at him through the rear view mirror.

“It’s not his fault you’re a space cadet,” Tracy told me.

And then BT’s words hit. I think if I added up the days since the zombies came, we truly had spent the majority of them on the road. Defending a homestead definitely had its own share of dangers, but that was nothing in comparison to all manner of nasty and deadly things that could and most likely would be discovered on the roadway.

“He’s left us again,” BT turned to say to Tracy.

“Welcome to my world,” she replied.

“Sorry, I was really just thinking on it. Being on the road sucks, and yet, here we find ourselves again,” I said.

“It’s got to be better without Eliza…right?” Justin asked without too much conviction.

“One would hope,” was what I said. My thoughts didn’t mirror the sentiment.

“Zombies!” Travis shouted. It was loud in the small confines of the truck.

My head was on a swivel as I looked around. “Where?” I was trying to pull a Regan from The Exorcist. (The whole head pulling a three-sixty thing for those of you not brave enough to have watched it, like me.)

“Oh, God!” BT said.

I saw his Adam’s apple bobbing wildly in his throat. I’d never seen him turn green; I wouldn’t have thought his skin color would have allowed it. Granted, it was a dark green like Godzilla as opposed to a Kermit-like green, which I guess is more fitting anyway considering his size.

“I know that smell,” he gulped. “Pickled weasel.”

I slammed on the brakes, the truck coming to a skidding halt. I think Tracy bounced her forehead off BT’s headrest. My throat was closing, tears were welling up in my eyes. I had no sooner shoved the truck in park when I opened the door and was outside gasping for air. Truth be told, I don’t think I was the first one out; but since I was rapidly losing consciousness, it was difficult to tell.

When I had finally pulled in enough ragged breathes of air to stop my pupils from dilating, I turned back towards the truck, and I’d swear I saw a brown mist swirling around inside that cab. I noticed two things that almost blew my mind. The first was that Tommy had not vacated like the rest of us, and the second was the big bundle of fawn fur he had in his lap.

“What the fuck is Henry doing here?” I asked, pretty much to myself as everyone around me was still suffering the after-effects of what could only be described as the usage of a biological weapon.

I waited a few moments longer, letting the cloud dissipate; although I was figuring it could be sticky enough that it would adhere itself to the interior of the truck, thus further reducing its resale value. Tough to sell something that smelled like sewer gas, even with a clean CARFAX.

“Henry, what are you doing here?” I asked him as I approached.

I gingerly tested the air with my nose as I cautiously approached. His stub of a tail was banging rapidly back and forth. He tilted his head up so I could scratch under his chin and chest where he liked it most.

“Did you get a hold of Lyndsey’s cooking again?” I asked him as I grabbed his massive head.

I was referring to my sister, whose stabs at cooking had lined many the bottoms of trashcans. I’d once watched her, fascinated, as she made chocolate chip cookies from scratch. The resultant thing that emerged from the oven had looked like liver and tasted worse.

I was thrilled to see the dog…and worried. He was one more loved one I would need to be concerned for, but evidently he had decided to not be left behind again.

“Get him out of the truck,” Tracy said, coming up slowly. When I gave her a confused look she elaborated. “Whatever made him make that smell is close to the surface. He needs to get rid of it before we start back out.”

“Ooh.” I nodded in understanding as I helped the big guy down.

Henry padded over to the soft shoulder of the roadway, did a quick once over to make sure no one was looking, and then went about his business. I think I saw a couple of crows die as they circled above and into the waft of air that came from his pile.

“Better?” I asked him.

He did seem relieved. I thought he knew better than to eat anything my sister dropped. She was getting better, though; the things she would pull off the stove were starting to resemble real food more and more. Not that they tasted any better, they just ‘looked’ more edible.

In a few more minutes, we were back on the road.

“Is it safe?” Tracy asked.

She could have been referring to any number of things. And I had not a single answer for any of them.




13 replies to “Guest Post: Mark Tufo

  1. I can not wait for this book. I think now I need to read the whole series again because it is that good the whole series! I love each and every character and I see in this little snippet everyone even Henry is back in full affect. Love it!


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