Guest Post: Debbie Fletcher

We all have many different preferences, loves and tastes. Strangely, I am obsessed with horror. Anything to do with it grabs my attention quicker than you can imagine. Scary films, being scared and anything that relates to horror in the smallest of ways- I just can’t get enough!


Why, you ask? Because it’s exciting, and because you’re not supposed to love the fear factor, you’re typically told you’ll fall in love and enjoy all of these positive emotions. Well not for me, I love anything that gets my heart racing. There are many reasons that I find myself so heavily invested in horror, but I’m still not quite sure why I’m so obsessed.


Some would say my love for horror is because of its lack of reality. For example, I can face the fear of a scary movie, but apart of me is awaiting the happy ending, or at least the sheer relief as I remember it’s not real, and the end of the film will soon bring me back to reality. Whether it’s the scary costumes they’re wearing, or the entertaining script, I love the fright these types of films can cause.


The “adrenaline rush” may be another reason. Our fight or flight mode can kick in once we are facing fear, and therefore our adrenaline can get higher than one may of previously experienced. Even the bad horrors I have faced in my life fill me with pride. I look back at some scary moments and think “at least I’m over that now, how close was I to facing something unthinkable?”. It would explain why people seemingly brag about their near death experiences and other similar incidents. Perhaps we are hard wired to love the fear and to embrace it afterwards.


My love of horror may also come down to evolution. As stated before, we have a lot of natural instincts that appear to bond with fear and horror. Before we evolved so drastically, we were facing risky scenarios each and every day. So like our ancestors, we seek to find the same thrill, but with our evolved lifestyles, I guess it’s just a thing of nature to feel the way I do. We want that same sense of achievement, but we’re intelligent and evolved to the point where most of us need not seek real danger, so we seek it in a safe and controllable form, like a movie or a story.


Of course I find many scenarios extremely frightening, but for a lot of the smaller types of horror, I find myself full of controllable fear and pure excitement. If it’s a scary story, a strange experience or something spooky that’s happened, do I run and cry? No, I laugh and analyse all of the outcomes. I guess we are all seeking different things in life, and for whatever reason horror just fascinates me.


My love of horror and fright tends to extend to almost every aspect of my life. For example, I am a big fan of rides that make your stomach feel like it’s going to fly through your head, and any feeling that comes with sensation-seeking rides. I personally love that feeling when I am about to enter a really dangerous situation, only to realise I am completely fine after the fun element of horror has gone.


It really does come down to how we are as an individual. For instance, I am scared of drastic changes within my life, but I love any form of horror, terror and anything that strikes fear in to me. However, others can adapt to many changes at ease, but a simple spider or harmless prank will send them in to a state of panic. As strange as it may be, I will forever be a fan of horror in all its forms.

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