Guest Post: John F. Allen


Interview with Antoine Valentine from John F. Allen’s The God Killers

Hello everyone! Today is day five of the John F. Allen book tour. I’d like to thank my publisher, Seventh Star Press for this fantastic opportunity and also Armand Rosamilla for hosting today’s stop on the tour. This entry is an interview with a vampire named, Antoine Valentine of The God Killers.


John: Exactly how old are you?

Antoine: I am just over 1,000 years old.

John: Wow, that’s a long time! Has roaming the earth for that long become boring to you?

Antoine: It has its moments. I have experienced love and loss similar to humans over the course of my lifetime. There are times when I have wished for an ending, but self preservation is hard wired into my psyche.  

John: Wait, you said lifetime…you’re a vampire, aren’t you dead?

Antoine: No, I was born a vampire and thus I am a living being. Only turned vampires are the undead.

John: Err…yeah, okay. I hear that you are a special breed of vampire, a succubus correct?

Antoine: Yes, unlike others of my race I feed off of sexual energy and desire. I can sustain myself with blood if necessary, but I much prefer carnal pleasures.  

John: That’s kind of creepy and freaky dude! Are there many vampires like you?

Antoine: No, only three are born every generation. For vampires, our generations are measured by 1,000 years as opposed to 10 years like humans.

John: What is your relationship with Ivory Blaque?

Antoine: She is a fascinating young woman and a honored acquaintance. Not that it is any business of yours.

John: Uh, sure…moving right along. You are the Lord of the City of Chicago, what exactly does that mean?

Antoine: Chicago is my territory. I am responsible for all of the vampires who reside and/or visit there. I am a voting member of the vampire ruling body with a voice in effecting vampire law. Any vampire who does not adhere to the laws of our race and the tenets of the Night Shift Treaty will answer directly to me.

John: The Night Shift Treaty, what is that exactly?

Antoine: The Night Shift Treaty is an agreement between the human world governments and the ruling body of the preternatural triumvirate, Vampire, Lycans and the Fae. We are bound to obey the human laws and in return, we are allowed to live peacefully amongst humans and to self govern. Humans are bound by the treaty and are forbidden to persecute and hunt us down without justifiable cause, which can be proven before a tribunal of our elders or the respective elders of the other races. Any breach of the treaty is serious offense and punishable by death.

John: I hear that you own a Jazz/Blues lounge in Bronzeville, how is that going and how long have you owned it?

Antoine: It is going very well. It is one of the hippest and trendiest night spots in Chicago. I purchased Club Fasination twenty years ago when I moved to the city and was assigned its Lord. It was a bar called the Blue Rose back in the 1930’s through the 1950’s until a fire practically gutted the building. I personally saw to the rebuilding and renovation of the property.

John: What is your greatest fear?

Antoine: That this interview doesn’t end soon enough and I am forced to snap your neck.

John: Well, look at the time; it appears our time is up. Thank you for the interview Antoine.

Antoine: That’s Mr. Valentine to you, and I’m sure the pleasure was yours.

John: Okay…anyway, please join me tomorrow for another entry of The God Killers blog tour. I’d again like to thank Armand Rosamilla for hosting this entry.


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